🏁🏍️ Revving Up the Metaverse: RACA’s 2nd Anniversary Motor Cycle Racing Event Surpasses All Expectations!

2 min readMay 21


Hold on tight, because we’re about to take you on a high-octane ride through the most thrilling event of RACA’s second-anniversary celebrations — the Motor Cycle Racing challenge! The event witnessed an unprecedented number of participants, with hundreds of avatars suiting up, straddling their digital bikes, and hitting the tracks. 🎮🕹️

The energy was electrifying, the competition fierce, and the excitement off the charts as riders maneuvered through virtual twists and turns, all vying for the coveted champion’s title. 🏆💫

But the excitement didn’t stop there! Post-race, we shifted gears from competition to celebration, throwing a dazzling after-party at French Montana’s house and the iconic USM Bowl. 🏰🎊 Together, we celebrated not just the thrilling race but also the numerous milestones achieved by $RACA in its second year. 🍾🥂

This year, we hit the ground running, forging partnerships with Olympic champions, integrating with over 90 innovative projects across DeFi, AI, the metaverse, and much more. We’ve teamed up with more than 30 top-tier blockchain institutes, connected to the world’s leading universities, all contributing to the phenomenal development of Web3 and the digital universe within USM. 🎓🌐

These celebrations were not just about the glory but also about the rewards. Participants walked away with a staggering 3,250,000 $RACA and the sought-after Dinosaur, Female Pirates & Snowman Avatars. Now that’s what we call victory spoils! 🎁💰

A big round of applause to all the participants and winners! 👏🎈 Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to fostering a global community within the Metaverse and propelling the shift to Web3. With your continued support, we’re set to speed towards an even more exciting future. Let’s continue to ride the wave of innovation together! 🌊🚀