4 Roadmaps: NFT Marketplace | BSC Game <Metamon> | USM Chain and USM Metaverse

2 min readSep 27, 2021

NFT Marketplace Roadmap

RACA NFT marketplace launched on September 10

NFT Secondary Marketplace went live on October 12

· Add NFT transfer in bulk function

· The secondary market

· Provide pricing and auction mode (RACA payment)

· Mystery box NFTs feature

· Optimize user experience

· Add new NFT gameplay and thus empower all MPB NFT holders

BSC Game <Metamon> Roadmap

<Metamon> Beta went live on September 30

<Metamon> Beta 2.0 online on October 12

<Metamon> official 1.0 launches on October 28

· Play-to-Earn “Metamon Egg” mystery box in December

· Add functions such as leaderboard and season challenge in December

· Increase and improve team mode in December

· <Metamon> BSC game will be updated twice a month

Universal Metaverse (USM) Roadmap

Beta version of the Universal Metaverse on BSC in December 2021

Update the Metaverse will more tools box and more sightseeing in the 3D planet once a month.

A fully-functional VR 3D planet Metaverse on USM Chain at the end of 2022

Accelerators for other niche Metaverses by providing grants and seed investment by 2025

USM Chain Roadmap

· Release LightPaper of “USMchain” — December 2021

· USMchain is designed to serve the Metaverse

· Start the development of USMchain — December 2021

· Release the Beta version of USMchain — March 2022

· Mainchain net live — June2022

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