AI and the future of society creating opportunities for early adopters

2 min readJun 11, 2024


Check out some reflections from our CEO and visionary, Dr. Watney, shared on X, about AI and the opportunities in this new sector:

The artificial intelligence (AI) sector is currently one of the most prominent areas in the bull market. Over the past 18 months, AI-related currencies have shown superior performance, rising more than Bitcoin during booms and falling less during recessions. Furthermore, they recover better when prices rise again.

In the coming years, as AI applications mature, significant innovations will emerge. Each new wave of applications will draw more attention to AI-related cryptocurrencies. These coins are seen as the biggest and best meme coins because the AI ​​itself is a huge meme!

The AI ​​sector attracts large investments and platforms, as well as offering “special rewards for early miners”. Enthusiasm for DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) AI projects is on the rise. Prominent academics from Stanford and MIT are developing decentralized AI/GPU platforms, and billions are expected to be invested in these projects, with frequent rewards for early miners.

GPUs play a crucial role in this scenario, aiming to capture a substantial portion of the total market value, which could reach hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars in the DePIN AI coin sector. Similar to the last bull run, many ETH L2 projects have received hundreds of millions in funding.

Nvidia GPUs could guarantee numerous ‘special rewards for early miners’ over the next five years. State-of-the-art cards such as the 4090, when used in professional data centers without overhead, will remain stable for five years. A new mining opportunity with great return on investment is emerging. Stay tuned for news coming soon.