BSC MVB III September Star Winner — Radio Caca ($RACA)

An accomplishment that leads to great opportunities. The future is very bright.

2 min readOct 15, 2021

Earlier today, we were announced as BSC MVB III September Star Winner. We want to congratulate our team and our ever-growing community. We would also like to thank Binance Smart Chain for providing us with this opportunity and choosing us as a winner.

Per BSC, we were evaluated across multiple metrics: transaction volume, active users, total transactions, community, marketing, and more.

The security of our token and smart contracts was also audited. Our innovation, development, team members, and our community were a big part of why we were selected as a winner.

MVB III Monthly Star Winner (RACA) will now receive:

  • BSC community support (social media and marketing)
  • Access to the boosted MVB Incubation Program and mentorship
  • Discounts on Smart Contract Audits from our partners
  • NFT badge of recognition by Galaxy with unique benefits such as access to private events and incubation seminars.

Now, we are also qualified to receive investments from the newly increased $500M investment fund and liquidity incentives from the new $100M Liquidity Incentive Program.

BSC graphic depicting MVBIII Roadmap

As an MVB III Monthly Star Winner, we now set our aim on a higher goal. We will compete to win MVBIII Top Player Award.

Join our community (links below). We continue to innovate, build, and grow. Stay tuned.

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