All RACA V2 tokens come from the Deployer’s Wallet — an insight into SWAP function.

2 min readOct 15, 2021

Everyone’s RACA V2 tokens come from the Deployer’s wallet

When a user migrates RACA token from V1 to V2, the user interacts with a smart contract function called swap. To swap, the V1 tokens are sent to the “black hole”, a.k.a. “burn” address (0x0000…), and in return, the user’s wallet receives an equal amount from the V2 deployer’s wallet.

In other words, if you have RACA V1 — in order to receive RACA V2 token, you must burn the same amount of RACA V1. All can be easily verified by the total supply of the two tokens. The sellers’ V1 transactions history <plug relevant addresses/transaction hash here> can clearly show they bought from PancakeSwap just like everyone else. As usual, there are traders who buy low and sell high (typical of any token).

The wallet “Radio Caca: Deployer” is used to support users when they swap RACA V1 for RACA V2.

Everyone’s V2 token came from Radio Caca Deployer’s wallet: 0x732eabaaaec98b66623c05c874be357e2cd88fac

It’s the same with any other project. Everyone’s tokens come from the deployer’s wallet.

Whales’ tokens also come from the deployers’ wallet. Typical to any trading token, some whales will do day trading. It may look like they are dumping while they actually do not. Further, the dev team has nothing to do with it.

The dev team did not sell a single RACA token. On top of that, we don’t have any need to sell. Here’s why:

We sold NFTs and got 11,100 BNB from BakerySwap and Binance NFT on August 26, and another 2,400 BNB on binance NFT on October 14.

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