How to buy $BNB Token and how to withdraw to Trustwallet?

How to Buy the Binance (BNB) ? There are two scenarios :

  • You do not previously own any crypto coins.

I Own Bitcoin, Ethereum or Other Altcoins. How Do I Buy BNB?

Just deposit your cryptocurrencies into and buy $bnb.

Step 1 — Create an Account on Binance

Step 2 — Enable the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

You can skip it. the withdrawal limit is about $100K now. It’s good enough. While it’s safer to have it if you don’t verify your account with your real ID.

Step 3 — Account Verification

You can skip it. the withdrawal limit is about $100K now. It’s good enough.

Step 4 — Depositing Your Coins to Binance

Step 5 — Exchanging the Coins

go to the “Exchange” tab and look for $bnb pair to trade.

Choose BNB and proceed with trading.

For instance, if you want all of the funds that you deposited to be converted to Binance coins, you will choose to sell 100%.

I Don’t Have any Cryptocurrency, How can I Buy Binance (BNB) Coins?

Don’t go to Paypal or Robinhood to buy crypto currencies because you can’t withdraw. You have to sell your BTC/ETH to withdraw your money.

If you only want to invest less than $500, you can go to to buy $bnb directly. You need to verify your identity first.

If you don’t want to verify your ID, you can use VPN to create an account on and buy $bnb directly with your credit card. (The daily withdraw limit for unverified account is about $100,000 on That’s good enough.)

If you want to invest more than $10k per time and you live in the USA, Australia, Singapore or Europe, you can buy $Dai first on or, and deposit $Dai to

If you are located in other regions, you can try Coinmama

You need to verify your identity on all those exchanges except on (Many people don’t know that you don’t need to verify your ID on

How to withdraw?

You will find there are two $bnb buttons in your Trustwallet app. Pick the button thatsays “Smart Chain BNB” with black background.

Click it. then click “receive”. You will see a code and a wallet address. That’s your BEP20 BNB address. The address normally starts with “ox”. Click “Copy”.

Then go back to, find $bnb in your spot wallet and click withdraw, pick “BEP20”

After you put the right receiving address on, it will automatically choose “Binance Smart Chain”.

To swap on, you have to have BEP20 BNB or BUSD, or any other BEP20 TOKEN

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