How to Claim N, R, SR Metamon. NFT Secondary Marketplace. BSC and ETH NFTs. MPB V2.

4 min readOct 9, 2021

How to claim: Normal Metamon, Rare Metamon, and Super Rare Metamon NFTs.

If you have Normal Metamon NFT or R Metamon Avatar NFT, go to to claim Rare Metamon with the right Metadata in the game first. After claiming, you can play the “Metamon” game. (The image of your Rare Metamon will be updated in the game later. The image you will get now is not the final look of your Rare Metamon)

This is the example of one Rare Metamon Image

If you have Super Rare Metamon Avatar NFT, you need to do by the following instructions before you can play the game.

1. Search and record your farming txhash on;
2. Send your
Super Rare Metamon Avatar NFT to the following wallet address: 0x2ff783343F1d9AACA6255446761D119f88333f5F
3. Send your
transaction txhash, farming txhash and wallet address to;
4. We will send you another
Super Rare Metamon NFT with the right Metadata so you can play the game. (The image of your Super Rare Metamon will be updated in the game later. The image you will get now is not the final look of your Super Rare Metamon)

This is the example of one Super Rare Metamon image

How do I know whether I farmed a Rare Metamon Avatar or Super Rare Metamon Avatar?

1.The Rare Metamon Avatar and Super Rare Metamon Avatar share the same contract and they look the same.
2. You can claim a Super Rare Metamon if you participated in the following farming pools:
— 16,000,000,000 RACA in 7 days
— 3,500,000,000 RACA in 28 days
— 980,000,000 RACA in 84 days
— 67,000 RACA-BNB LP in 28 days
— 18,000 RACA-BNB LP in 84 days

Radio Caca NFT Secondary Marketplace

Radio Caca NFT secondary marketplace will launch along with the “Metamon” game.

For now, the market only supports RACA as a trading token. We will take a 5% trading fee on all sales, 40% of these trading fees will be redistributed to all MPBs, and the rest be burned monthly.
Note: the distribution of trading fee maybe dynamically adjusted in the future according to the demands of project.

“Metamon” game: cross-chain details

There will be a BSC “Metamon” game (b-game). There will be no ETH “Metamon” game (e-game) online in 2021.

You can deposit your NFT into Metamon b-game. You can play and level up your Metamon and whenever you decide to withdraw your Metamon, you can choose to withdraw it as b-Metamon or e-Metamon. (Just like when you withdraw USDT from, you can choose to withdraw it as ERC-20 USDT or TRC-20 USDT).

If you withdraw an e-Metamon, you can list your e-Metamon on for sale. And if you buy an e-Metamon on, you can deposit it in the game. After you deposit, you can play in the Metamon b-game.

MPB Version 2

MPB V2 will have the same look as MPB V1 but it will use a different smart contract.

Currently, there are two different contracts for MPB V1 on BSC: one was created by BakerySwap, and the second one was created by Binance NFT.

We will launch MPB V2 with one new smart contract. You will be able to deposit your MPB V1 to claim MPB V2 on our website (starting in late October).

MPB V2 can cross-chain BSC and ETH. You can deposit one b-MPB to mint one e-MPB. Likewise, you can deposit one e-MPB to mint one b-MPB.

There will be only one MPB for each serial number. The max and total supply of MPB is 6000, which includes the numbers on BSC and on ETH.

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