How to migrate (swap) your $RACA to the latest version (V2)

If you have purchased RACA on BakerySwap you want to migrate your RACA to V2 using our SWAP.

Q. Why do I need to migrate to the latest version of RACA (V2)?

The latest version of RACA eliminates 10% tax (better), provides better security (safer), and enables cross-chain voting (more advanced). Everything else is unchanged. By using our SWAP, you get all benefits of the latest version without any drawbacks.

Example Scenario below:

In the past, I bought 100,000 RACA tokens on BakerySwap. I realized I want to migrate my RACA tokens so I can get all the benefits of the latest version. I use SWAP function and migrate a.k.a. “swap” my 100,000 RACA tokens for the latest version of RACA (V2). After the “Swap” operation is complete (it only takes a few minutes), I receive the same exact amount of 100,000 RACA, but now they are of the latest version (V2).

For step-by-step details (with screenshots) on how to Swap — please refer to the section “RACA V2 Swap” in the article here:

Q. Is there a deadline for migrating my RACA to the latest version?

No, you can do it whenever you choose to — at any time. However, we advise you to do it as soon as possible so you can enjoy all the benefits sooner.



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