Matrix+ Mystery Box and Bake Community Card Mixer

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Matrix+ Mystery Box and Bake Community Card Mixer

There will be a new ERC 721 smart contract called “Bake Musk Mixer”, Sticker name: BMM.

The total supply is 10,000 $BMM NFTs.

What’s in the mixer:

  1. 10 MPB Avatar to claim MPB box. The ten Avatar NFTs are: 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009. They can claim MPB 2000– MPB 2009.

Market Value: 100BNB-1000BNB per box

2. 100 Bake Community Cards wrapped with one parcel free Land in Bake State, the United States of Mars. (19000–19099)

Land Market Value: 1BNB-10BNB per parcel

3. 1000 spacial cards that can claim 1000 pairs of Bake-RACA socks. (10400–11399)

Market Value: 0.08 bnb per card.

4. 8890 ordinary Bake Community Cards.

All Cards in this mixer can farm $BAKE.

Each Bake Card is programmatically generated with a unique serial number from 10010–19999. Each card is unique and rare.

10010–10399 are designated for marketing and operations. 10400–11399can claim socks. 19000–19099 are wrapped with one parcel of land in Bake State, the United States of Mars, a Matervese created by Radio Caca community. The remaining are ordinary Bake Community cards.

What’s the price of the upcoming 10,000 BMM NFTs?

390 will be giveaway on RACA Twitter.

5610 will be up for sale for BNB. Each is 0.08 $BNB.

4000 BMM will be as the prizes for the $bake lottery. One lottery requires 0.08 $bake and you have 4% chance to get one BMM. All the bake from the lottery will be burned.

How many MPB Avatars, lands, and socks will be in the 5610 Part for $BNB, and how many in the 4000 Part for $bake lottery?

We don’t know. All 10 MPB Avatars, lands, socks will be randomly mixed among 5610 parts and 4000 parts. The two parts are mixed with each other.

What time for the mixer to be listed:

Next Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Where will the mixer be listed:

It will have a new tap on top of the page named “ Bake Musk Mixer”.

How to claim one real Matrix + box (Maye Musk mystery box) when you get one Avatar NFT:

First, You send your avatar NFT to: 0x5A160aC2d3A090d1a2a3aEE9b0a83A1251a4e3eC

Second, email the hash and your wallet address to: to claim your real Matrix + box (Maye Musk mystery box). We will send a real one to your wallet address.

How to claim one pair of physical BAKE-RACA socks?

The detail to claim socks will be on Once you claim, your NFT will be burned.

When are you going to deliver the socks?

We will start to design and produce at the end of September. Delivery will be started around mid-October. We will make sure everyone can get them by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

We will have 5–10 mixers with 5–10 communities on #BSC during August and September. That’s why we will not start to design and produce until the end of September.

Matrix+ Box is the first and only Maye Musk Koda Mystery Box. More detail about the box:

The sticker for Matrix + Box is MPB. The smart contract is:


You can find there were 1400 MPB released. 1000 sold on BAKE. 200 for Maye Musk and her team. 200 for marketing and operation.

Note: Token IDs of 1000–1199 that were sent to Maye Musk and her team will be different from other MPB.

What can Maye Musk’s mystery box(MPB, Matrix + Box, Matrix Plus Box) do?

This is the first and the only “Musk” mystery box. The future is full of surprises.

  1. 5 rounds of airdrops will be for only Maye Musk mystery box holder in August. The first airdrop will be around August 8th.

The 10 boxes in this batch are included for airdrops. The winners will receive RACA tokens and one Tesla Cybertruck. The number of RACA tokens will go up for each round.

2. Each MPB will be guaranteed to get 10 parcel lands, 1 Rare Wood X, and other treasures or rare resources on the Metaverse. The land will be given to each box around September 2021- Jan 2022. We will announce more treasures and rare resources to be assigned to each MPB. Special treasures and rare resources will empower MPB in many aspects.

3. You can create your own Dao or be a game distributor if you own one Maye Musk box in our Metaverse. More rules are to be announced.

4. Some popular games might be stationed to your land. We will have airdrops for the parcel numbers around October 2021-Jan 2022.

5. Builders and gamers in our Metaverse will build lots of things and launch many NFTs. They will airdrop to each MPB. This will start around Jan 2022.

6. Get Merch wrapped with RACA and eco-partners IP for free.

1210 MPB will be guaranteed one pair of Bake_RACA socks after our mixer with BAKE.

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