Metamon Buyback Program 💰. RACA Airdrop to MPB holders 🚀. More Burn 🔥. Income Data 🧮

Very special announcements & updates to our community and users. Read to the very end (💪).

We are happy to announce that today:

#3: From our “Marketing and Operations” wallet, we will spend another 1.1 billion RACA to buy back N Metamon.

This is how we will execute:

Income Data 🧮

The total income from: NFT releases, Metamon Island game, NFT Market fees, OTC Deals (Metamon) is 48,891,039,961 RACA. Almost 49 Billion $RACA.

Spreadsheet lovers — enjoy the screenshot.

About Radio Caca

Token Contract Address: 0x12BB890508c125661E03b09EC06E404bc9289040



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