Metamon Buyback Program 💰. RACA Airdrop to MPB holders 🚀. More Burn 🔥. Income Data 🧮

Very special announcements & updates to our community and users. Read to the very end (💪).

3 min readDec 24, 2021


On December 12th, the RACA NFT marketplace began to charge fees. Wallet: 0x4e1d26bfef49938673227a80ecc732bead86735b

NFT marketplace fee income: 1,841,607,924 $RACA

Per our past announcement, we stated that the NFT marketplace fee is 5% of which 2% is to be airdropped to MPB holders and 3% is to be burned.

2% is to be airdropped to MPB holders, that is 700 million RACA.

3% to be burned is 1.1 Billion RACA. However, as you’ve seen, we have already burned so much this December — 7.5 Billion RACA. Even with all of that, we will still burn another 1.1 Billion RACA.

We are happy to announce that today:

#1: We will airdrop 700 million RACA among MPB holders.

#2: We will burn 1.1 billion RACA.

#3: From our “Marketing and Operations” wallet, we will spend another 1.1 billion RACA to buy back Metamon.

Let’s dive deeper into #3.

#3: From our “Marketing and Operations” wallet, we will spend another 1.1 billion RACA to buy back N Metamon.

This is how we will execute:

Step 1: We will buy back BSC-Metamon and burn them.

Step 2: We will mint the same Metamon on ETH.

Step 3: We will list those ETH-Metamon on We will have a dedicated Metamon market value management team. They will actively manage the trading on

After we implement and complete this whole process, the timing to trade will be good.

Income Data 🧮

The total income from: NFT releases, Metamon Island game, NFT Market fees, OTC Deals (Metamon) is 48,891,039,961 RACA. Almost 49 Billion $RACA.

Spreadsheet lovers — enjoy the screenshot.

Together, with our incredible community, we continue to achieve greater heights. The demand and love for our products are truly impressive and continue to grow so strongly. When we came onto the scene in May of this year, no one could have predicted this. This is just the beginning. We are excited and are fully determined to make 2022 even greater for all of our community and supporters (it will be monumental).

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