Lost World, Hall of Valhalla, and Valhalla Points

Valhalla Points

At the Hall of Valhalla, Valhalla points can be used to redeem exclusive rewards that are not obtainable from Metamon Eggs, such as R building materials, NFTs, and priority 2DM advantages.

Health Index

The Health Index (HI) is a new mechanism in Metamon Island and Lost World. HI is capped at 100. A Metamon loses 1 HI for every 5 failed attacks. While a Metamon’s HI is 0, the Metamon will become inactive and unable to join any battle. HI can be restored by using the Anti-Fatigue potion, which is obtainable from points redemption in the Lost World or created by mixing green potions.

Battle Flags

Battle Flags allow players to form a squad in the Lost World. As symbols of heritage and honor, Battle Flags is a medium where victories and losses are recorded. In addition, Battle Flags are required for the ladder. The total ranking prize pool for Q2 is tentatively set to be 4 billion u-RACA (or equivalent value). The official set of rules will be announced simultaneously with the launch of the new Lost World.


Green Potion: Now mixing multiple green potions has the chance to create an anti-fatigue potion: Mixing 2 green potions has 30% chance to create an anti-fatigue potion, 3 50% chance, and 4 75% chance.

Battle Fees

Currently, Lost World is in its promotional period. As a benefit for being early adopters, players do not pay any fee to the game.

Custom Battle Flag Designs

We are now collecting Battle Flag designs from the community. In order to be accepted, the submitted designs must meet the following specifications:

  • Size: 750*1320px
  • Format: PNG
  • Space: Unlimited
  • Resolution: 72dpi
  • No Background

Redeem Rewards of Valhalla Points

Players will be able to redeem their Valhalla Points for various reward items:



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