METAMON’s Arrival. RACA NFT Marketplace launch.

A recap of our incredible Metamon release and NFT Marketplace launch.

2 min readSep 13, 2021


Every day we happily work to expand, improve, and bring you the very best. And we sure have been busy!

On September 9th, we launched our NFT marketplace to an enormous flood of traffic and anticipation for the Metamon.

Thanks to such strong enthusiasm from all of you, you managed to crash our website within 100 ms! We were happy to see such high demand and worked super hard to relaunch the site the very next day, on September 10th. The relaunch went smooth, and it’s been a truly thrilling ride for all of us. All expectations were hugely exceeded.

Thanks to our amazing community, it happened super fast! In under 8 minutes, we sold out from 8,000 Metamons and 2,000 Diamond Boxes. In total, 1.8 Billion $RACA was burned!

Considering that we only allowed 1 purchase per transaction (to prevent bots) and adding the time it takes for compulsory smart contact confirmations — we sold out ridiculuously fast.

Check BscScan record here:

So, what does this all mean for you?

Your upcoming game-playing experience just leveled up! You’re going to have many, many people to play with when the Metamon game goes live.

And when does the game launch? Very soon! Be sure to follow our Twitter and TG to stay in the know. As always, we commit to keeping you in the loop about all the great things we’ve done and are doing. Many thanks to our fantastic community for being SUPER READY to have a great time with each other.

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