More than 4.7 billion RACA burned on August 27 and August 28

6 min readAug 28, 2021

629,968,655 RACA burned on August 27

3,341,540,262 + 750,000,000 RACA burned on August 28

We spent 900 $BNB on buying back $RACA at 2 am, UTC, August 27. Then 4180 $BNB on buying back RACA at 8 pm UTC, August 27.

In total, we spent 5080 $BNB on buying back $RACA on August 27.

5080 BNB yesterday was absorbed by day traders, so the $RACA price did not get affected. This demonstrates a very important lesson: buying back cannot pump the price. We must respect the rules of the market itself. And we must give the market time to self-correct. It is essential to keep that in mind going forward. We are building something great, something we can all be proud. This is not a legacy project for us.

We love our community, and we are one of the very rare teams that listen closely to you. When short-term thinkers or outside parties “push” us to buy back more $RACA to burn to affect the price — that is making us spend our resources ineffectively.

Our focus is on the Metaverse, the games, and growing our presence in this space further. All of this requires resources (advertising, marketing, operations). We are working on a project of enormous scope, and our focus is on our goals and VISION. Not on short-term price fluctuations.

Day traders make the “buy back and burn” method useless. It does not affect the price for you. We’ve done it, and we know it with absolute certainty now (100%).

Here is more:

On Aug 28, 5 pm UTC, we burned another 750,000,000 RACA on a small treasury wallet.

We sent 1,000,000,000 to wallet 0x976c9efce2cd34c93cc97c8a989e7dd73df8edb0 several days ago.

This wallet belongs to one of our volunteers in the Chinese community.

He encouraged many volunteers to sell RACA at 0.000017 and then bought other tokens by other project. Those volunteers lost 90% from that project that he encouraged them to buy.

RACA price went up 30x from 0.000017, and volunteers who sold missed out on 99% of potential profits.

This person also wanted to buy RACA from us at a discount price around Aug 13–14. He hinted that he will bring a Mega Star to help us sell at least 1000 MPB at around 30 BNB each on Treasureland.

Later,We learned that megastar could not sell anything on Tresureland around Aug 22. We told him our concerns about the Metastar.

Then he asked: “Do we still want to cooperate with that “Megastar”?

We said: “Yes. Of course. fair cooperation.”

That “Megastar” tweeted MPB and our TG link. Later, that “Megastar” deleted his twitter. Our guess is that he overpromised something to that “Megastar”.Maybe he suggested that we agreed to give the Metastar MPB#5555 for free. (We agreed before. Then we said no around August 22 because this “Megastar” did not bring value to us. It’s not a fair cooperation.)

Around Aug 15–16, he wanted to buy RACA at 0.000001 with 200,000 BUSD. We told him we would not even consider selling any RACA until Jan 2022 when we said ok to him.

On Aug 16, we told him officially that we will never sell RACA at this 0.000001 price in Jan 2022.

Summary: We never agreed to sell RACA at 0.000001 to him in August.

To our community: We will never stop you from selling your RACA because you are a volunteer.


  1. Every Admin, RACA army, and other volunteers are allowed to sell RACA freely. Do it on your own, don’t advertise your moves. Don’t try to influence others’ investment decisions in our groups. Keep your financial actions to yourself. Every person should always have the freedom to make their own decision without your influence.You have your own feeling, your own family to support. Everyone has different shoes.
  2. We will never sell RACA at a discount or market price to any individuals. We will start to use RACA to raise money from credited and audited institutional investors with an established and strong reputation at the current market price. Once again, we would never give anyone any discount.

We will never give anyone any suggestion about buying or selling RACA. For example, when our volunteers asked us whether to buy or sell RACA before Aug 18th, we always said that we have no idea. Please remember, we cannot encourage anyone to buy RACA or sell RACA.

We are focused on our Metaverse, games, and promoting the project.


We realized that all of you barely sleep in the past ten days. You worked devotedly for RACA in so many ways for 16–20 hours per day. All of you contributed so much. All the volunteers made RACA what it is today and what it will become. We will work with you to reward every single one of you. We came up with a plan to award all volunteers, ALL COMMUNITIES, not just the Chinese community.

Today, we decided to burn 750,000,000 RACA and we will reward volunteers another 750 million RACA out of this pool: “10 billion: airdrops, payrolls, vendors, advertisements expenses — used strategically over the course of 36 months”.

Details: 750 million are for all the efforts of all the volunteers in ALL communities across the board (from May to Dec). Those will be distributed in August.

We distribute RACA to volunteers starting Jan 2022.

The total amount for volunteers will be 4 billion over 36 months out of this pool: “10 billion: airdrops, payrolls, vendors, advertisements expenses — used strategically over the course of 36 months”.

The person we mentioned above in the Chinese community already gave 197,000,000 RACA to some volunteers. He will send the remainder RACA to other community members, including Turkey, Vietnam, India.

We decided to burn 750,000,000 from his wallet; we did not want him to send RACA to everyone from his wallet anymore. We prefer doing it by ourselves.We do not want to have him contribute to the community anymore.

We left 53 million RACA in his wallet for his effort during May, June, July, and August, even though we learned that he encouraged so many volunteers to sell RACA at 0.000017.

We decided to burn 750,000,000 from his wallet is also because we learned that this person started bad-mouthing us.

Our incredible community gets stronger by adding more GREAT PEOPLE and filtering those with ulterior motives. Purity gets purer over time. We continue to get bigger and stronger.

Yesterday, when we announced that we are making HUGE moves for our RACA community and project next week (similar to August 26). He said nice things about us in a bigger group and announced that we release false news to trap everyone in a smaller group. This behavior is unacceptable.

Our community continues to grow RACA and we are excited about the future.

Can we burn RACA in everyone’s wallet?

No, we cannot. We can ONLY burn RACA that were sent directly from our owner wallet to the other wallet for our ads, marketing, and operation.


The total supply of 500 billion is distributed as such:

Token address: 0x12BB890508c125661E03b09EC06E404bc9289040

320 billion was distributed through initial liquidity bootstrapping.

50 billion was burned at block height 10161348 (transaction hash: 0x06638da35a8bec416442d1055e836b1971463395c829f3727e5c4f9c59cafda7)

10 billion: BMM to farm/mine — to be released in one year

10 billion: airdrops, payrolls, vendors, advertisements expenses — used strategically over the course of 36 months

40 billion: future reserves — plan to be announced later

20 billion: undisclosed eco partners — vesting plan undetermined.

50 billion: 10% will be vested in Jan 2022. The remaining 90% vested in a straight line over the course of 36 months to team, investors, and advisors as below:

USM Metaverse Development team

Smart contract team and other tech members

High-profile creators

Core team members for marketing and operation for USM C-corporation

Investors and Advisors