New Metamon, Potion, and Diamond Box

2 min readOct 10, 2021

We launch the “Metamon” game today. Before you play the game and level up your Metamon, you need to claim the new Metamon, Potion, and Diamond Box using your original ones via the corresponding “Claim” buttons on the game portal page:

New Metamon

The original Metamon all share identical images and the same game attributes. We know that it’s not cool at all. Have no worries!

The new Metamon, even Normal Metamon all have different images both on-chain and in the game. Our world-class art team has created 320,000 different Metamon images.

The new Metamon have different random game attributes too, which makes the game more fun and full of surprises.

New Potion and Diamond Box

The original Potion and Diamond Box contracts are based on ERC-721 protocol.

When the game was being tested, our tech team found out that the use of Potion and Diamond Box consumed a lot of gas fees, which we found to be unacceptable to us or our players. Our team solved this issue for you.

In order to reduce the gas fee, our tech team has created new Potion and Diamond Box contracts based on ERC-1155 protocol, which is exclusively and perfectly supported by Radio Caca Official NFT marketplace on BSC.

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