🚀🌐 Prepare to Be Amazed: RACA Ignites Conversations on the Future of Web3, Metaverse, and the Digital-Physical Interplay at BitValue’s Stellar Event! 💡💫

2 min readJun 1


Mark May 15th in your calendar as the day the digital world made a giant leap towards the future! BitValue’s landmark event, ‘Web2.0 to Web3.0, World to HongKong’ at HKPC, shattered the barriers between Web2 and Web3 with gusto! 🎉🌏 This spectacular gathering magnetized a constellation of luminaries from the governmental, financial, and Web3 sectors, effectively blurring the lines between traditional and crypto worlds.

Though not open to the public on-site, the forum exploded online on the Secondlive metaverse platform 🖥️💥, with an astounding 5,000 people witnessing this pivotal moment in real-time and over 200,000 clicks flooding in!

​BitValue has pronounced its optimism towards the Web3 industry’s potential in Hong Kong, pledging to nurture this emerging market and announcing the formation of “223 Booster,” a startup accelerator designed to turbocharge Web3 entrepreneurs worldwide 🌍💼.

Expert attendees eloquently distilled the essence of the Web2-Web3 transition, sharing their seasoned insights. A treasure trove of knowledge from industry experts revealed the challenges Web3 startups face, the importance of talent cultivation, the transformative potential of Web3, and the shifts in control and privacy the transition entails 📚🧠.

RACA Team leapt into the conversation with a powerful statement: “Web3.0 provides tools with respect to creators in all fields in a meaningful manner, springing new definitions to the digital economy and protecting originality and intellectual properties.” 💡💰

The event was a smashing success, setting the stage for further breakthroughs in technology. By fostering dialogue and collaboration between Web2 and Web3, BitValue is carving a path for future tech advancements 🔭🔬. The in-depth discussion and knowledge exchange at the event are bound to leave a lasting impact on the tech industry. The revolution has begun, and RACA is leading the charge! Stay tuned as we continue to push boundaries, innovate, and redefine what’s possible! 💪🌠 #RACA #Web3 #Metaverse #DigitalRevolution #BitValueEvent