RACA among the 25 cryptocurrencies with the most listing potential on Binance

2 min readMar 31, 2024

With the growth of RACA and the various solutions being integrated into our ecosystem, the BSCDaily portal has elected RACA as one of the cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential to be listed on Binance in 2024. Using trading data, development, and based on community metrics on X, BSCDaily, which is one of the largest crypto portals focused on the BNB Chain, placed RACA among the top 5 gaming projects that can be listed on Binance.

In addition, Binance currently has a voting system for listing these projects on its futures platform. The vote is conducted by the community and there are no participation limits. RACA is one of the main cryptocurrencies participating in the vote.

As part of the campaign to determine the next token to be listed on Binance Futures, users have the opportunity to predict and allocate USDT to their preferred token. With RACA now in the running, we invite our dedicated community to support us by participating in the prediction process.

Here’s how you can contribute to RACA’s listing journey:

Steps: 1⃣ Click on the link: https://binance.com/en/futures/next

2⃣ Search for “RACA”

3⃣ Vote for $RACA

Listing on a high-profile exchange increases the visibility of the cryptocurrency. This can attract new investors who were previously unaware or did not have access to the cryptocurrency.

The entry of these new investors can increase the demand for the currency, which can lead to a price increase. In addition, listing on an exchange like Binance can also be seen as a sign of legitimacy.

This can increase investor confidence in the cryptocurrency, leading to greater interest and investment. Listing also increases the liquidity of the cryptocurrency. With more people trading the currency, it is easier for investors to buy and sell positions.

Supported by DWF Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and the Tachyon accelerator by Consensys Mesh, RACA serves as a web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider. Initially launched as a bidding token with the Maye Musk NFT, RACA has evolved into a robust web3.0 gaming ecosystem!

RACA, the USM native token, serves as a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community.