RACA at the forefront: ‘The metaverse will dominate the internet’, World Wide Web creator

2 min readMar 19, 2024

Tim Berners-Lee, great creator of the World Wide Web, gave a recent interview to CNBC and made three predictions about the future of the Internet and, according to him, the next chapter in the history of the Internet will be defined by artificial intelligence (AI), the virtual reality (VR) linked to metaverse platforms such as the USM of the RACA ecosystem and a remodeling of Big Techs.

“One of the things I foresee,” Berners-Lee said, “is that you will have an AI assistant that you can trust and that will work for you, like a doctor.”

His second prediction is that humans will become owners of their data, just as RACA argues with its vision focused on the premises of Web3 and the development of the DeFi sector and that VR and spatial computing (essentially, being immersed in the metaverse ) will become the preferred modality for using computers.

“You can do things with a VR headset, and when you take off the VR headset, you can do these and other things on a huge screen. And whenever you move, you can pick up your phone and the experience will be the same. The transition between different devices should be very smooth.”

Exactly what RACA has been working on and developing, seeking to enable the full potential of the metaverse for its community. The essence of this prediction is that spatial computing — movement in physical space that directly correlates with actions in digital space — will supplant keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen paradigms.

Supported by DWF Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and the Tachyon accelerator by Consensys Mesh, RACA serves as a web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider. Initially launched as a bidding token with the Maye Musk NFT, RACA has evolved into a robust web3.0 gaming ecosystem!

RACA, the USM native token, serves as a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community