RACA cross-chain to Ethereum

4 min readOct 7, 2021

Bridge RACA assets to Ethereum

1. Deploy a RACA V2 contract on Ethereum 2AM, October 7, UTC.

2. Bridge 50 billion BEP-20 RACA to ERC-20 RACA at 2AM, October 7, UTC. This portion is from the treasury appropriated for the core team and future eco partners.

3. Start a ERC-20 RACA holder reward program from 2PM, October 12, UTC.

4. Start a ERC-20 RACA and liquidity farming program from 2PM, October 26, UTC.

Steps to bridge RACA from BSC to ETH

1. Deploy a RACA V2 contract on Ethereum (it has been audited by Certik);


2. Bridge 50 billion BEP-20 RACA (call it bRACA) to ERC-20 RACA (call it eRACA).

How do we do it?

Burn 50 billion of the reserved bRACA and we mint the same amount 50 billion eRACA in the same wallet address. (BEP-20 and ERC-20 share the same wallet address)

3. Encourage big investors on BSC to cross their bRACA over to ETH.

How do you (bRACA holder) do it?

1) Send your bRACA to: 0x0F2de32045925C217428b44052516Dc9364ec456

2) Email mike@radiocaca.com the bRACA transaction hash. To avoid scams, we only credit eRACA to the same wallet that sends in the bRACA.

3) We will manually process the bridging request. The bRACA will be burned and an identical amount of eRACA will be minted and credited to the sender’s wallet of bRACA on the Ethereum network.

1) You have to send no less than 30 million bRACA to get the same amount of eRACA. If you send less than 30 million bRACA, we will send back to you.
2) You can send your bRACA to us from 12PM, October 12, UTC.
3) We will start to process requests from 12PM, October 12, UTC.

eRACA Holder Reward Program

We will launch eRACA holder reward program from 12PM, October 12, UTC.

a) If you hold no less than 50 million eRACA in your wallet for 14 days, you will get a Rare Metamon as reward.
b) If you hold no less than 500 million
eRACA in your wallet for 14 days, you will get a Super Rare Metamon as reward.

When you match one of the above conditions:

a) Send your wallet address to mike@radiocaca.com;
b) We will review the data on
https://etherscan.io and send you the corresponding reward.

The reward program will be end by 12PM, October 26, UTC, which means:

a) if you send enough bRACA to the designated wallet before 12PM, October 26, UTC, you will participate in the reward program immediately and automatically.
b) if you send
bRACA after 12PM, October 26, UTC, you can not participate in the program any longer.

After 12PM, October 26 UTC, you can also participate in the MPB farm program as written below.

Liquidity Bootstrapping

We put 300 million eRACA into the Uniswap V2 liquidity pool with 330,000 $USDT at 6AM, October 7, UTC.

We added about 3 million $USDT more liquidity at October 13.

We will launch a eRACA and liquidity farming program where users can stake eRACA or eRACA-USDT LP to farm MPB and Kiss-up Dog NFT from 2PM, October 26, UTC.

There will be a total of 100 MPB and 400 Rare Kiss-up Dog NFT to reward RACA stakers and liquidity providers.

a) Stake 1 billion eRACA for 84 days to earn 1 MPB. Slot: 20
b) Stake 300 million
eRACA for 168 days to earn 1 MPB. Slot: 40
c) Provide 300,000 USDT and $300,000 USD worth
eRACA as LP for 28 days to earn 1 MPB. Slot: 40
d) Provide 100,000 USDT and $100,000 USD worth
eRACA as LP for 28 days to earn 1 Rare Kiss-up Dog NFT. Slot: 400

We will announce the exact amount of the eRACA-USDT LP tokens required for farming one hour before we launch the farm pool.

Additional information

The kiss-up dogs on the Binance NFT marketplace are Super Rare avatars. You can redeem the real Super Rare Kiss-up Dog on www.radiocaca.com when you withdraw from Binance NFT.

We will not have CEX to help our users to switch bRACA to eRACA. There is no eRACA CEX. If you want eRACA, you must go to Uniswap.

About Radio Caca

Token Contract Address (BSC&ETH): 0x12BB890508c125661E03b09EC06E404bc9289040

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RACA_3
Website official: https://www.raca3.com
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