RACA officially launched RACA AI

6 min readJun 4, 2024


Opportunity Analysis:

1. AI platform coins are essentially meme coins, the best meme coins, the top fighters among meme coins.

The popularity of depin AI projects will surge every few months. In each wave of hype, the most profitable mining projects will emerge. We will focus on ‘early miner special rewards’ or the most lucrative mining opportunities. Some highly popular projects might not be miner-friendly or offer significant rewards to miners so we will avoid those.

From last year to this year, every small wave in Bitcoin’s price curve has seen AI and meme coins rise the most, and during downturns, they have declined the least. When prices rebound, AI and meme coins rebound the best. Essentially, there’s a small wave every two to three months and a big wave every six months.

In the coming years, as AI applications mature, significant innovative applications will emerge. Each wave of major application projects will bring increased attention to crypto AI coins. Every time a traditional AI giant or internet company announces significant progress in AI models, AI coins surge in value. AI coins are the biggest and best meme coins because AI is the meme.

2. There is plenty of hot money, many major platforms, and many ‘early miner special reward’ opportunities.

Many PhD graduates and professors from Stanford, MIT, and Oxford are entering the blockchain field to create decentralized AI or decentralized GPU computing power platforms. These new blockchain platforms are securing VC funding amounts ranging from tens of millions to billions of dollars. In the next 3–5 years, the total funding for these platforms is expected to reach tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars, with the combined FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) of all these platform coins reaching hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars.

Just like in 2018, many Ethereum Layer 2 projects received funding of hundreds of millions of dollars per project, with dozens of such projects emerging. In the next two to three years, several hot decentralized AI projects are expected to emerge, providing frequent ‘early miner special reward’ opportunities for miners. The chances are vast. We are not just betting on io.net or aleo.org.

3. The 4090 can capture dozens of ‘early miner special reward’ opportunities from major platforms over the next five years.

Issues with graphics cards, such as card failure or throttling, are mainly due to environmental factors like cooling and dust (hence the increasing cost of professional IDCs). High-end graphics cards like the 4090, running in professional IDC (i.e. Internet Data Center) environments without overloading for PoW mining or excessive operation, will remain stable for five years, with a lifespan of 5–10 years being reasonable.

The 4090 AI Pack is designed with a 5–10 year maintenance goal, capable of capturing the three to five major waves and dozens of minor waves of Bitcoin and AI in the next 5–10 years. Based on the most conservative estimate for five years, our 4090 AI Pack can participate in at least 30 ‘early miner special reward’ opportunities for major platforms. In several instances, mining for one to three months will recoup the cost of the 4090 AI Pack, and a single month of mining in a major project could yield several times the profit, with the rest of the ‘early miner special reward’ mining coins being pure profit.


Backed by ‘World GPU’ infinite parallel scaling infrastructure, RACA AI aims to become the hardware ‘depin’ foundation layer for all Blockchain-AI-GPU-Computing platforms and non-Blockchain GPU rental platforms.

RACA is the platform and governance coin on RACA AI

  • NFT drops and royalties, such as depositing RACA to buy AI hardware and software Packs
  • Pay GPU rental fees with RACA
  • AI/Game dApps launchpad such as depositing RACA to get IDO tickets
  • RACA is also the interim settlement coin on World GPU

4090 AI Pack


RACA AI is designed to directly accommodate any Non-Blockchain AI user with world GPU, based on cloud operating systems and container technology, providing bare metal computing resources.

Leveraging expertise from mining advisors on platforms like io.net, aleo, akash, and bittensor, we’re introducing a ‘4090 AI GPU Pack. This package includes one RTX 4090 GPU card along with full server setup, storage, IDC, comprehensive software and hardware management, electricity, and operational maintenance.

Profit Model

Sustainable Profit Model

4090 AI Compute Pack

1. For Everyone

Price: 6100 $USDT for one Nvidia RTX 4090 AI Compute Pack

Delivery: online mining within 24 hours. Those 100 Packs will be guaranteed to participate in the io.net season 3 ignition reward program.

Spot Limit:100


  • One whole pack includes the ownership of one RTX 4090 GPU card, including the first 6 months of IDC data center services, overseas logistics, shelving fees, operation and maintenance services, 24/7 technical support, and electricity charges
  • Free mint of one NFT later on BNBChain. The NFT will be tradable 6 months after minting.
  • Staked NFT will receive 94% of all earnings from the 4090 AI compute, including GPU rental earnings and mining rewards
  • Staked NFT will also accumulate Gold Stone rewards daily automatically.

Lifespan: 5 years

Hosting Services:

After 6 months, users must pay $200 USDT per month per Pack for Platform fees + IDC fees for Month 7 to Month 12. After this period, the monthly fee may increase or decrease based on updates to IDC electricity bills.

2. For RACA-fellers

Raffle Mode: Deposit xxx $RACA at a market value of $300 on June 6 (tentative date) to get one ticket. One winning ticket is eligible for a 10% ownership of one 4090 AI Pack. This offers a guaranteed 50% discount on a 4090 AI Pack while the benefits and terms are the same as in the “4090 AI Compute Pack for everyone” Program.

Maximum tickets per Wallet: No Limit

Ticket size: No Limit

Winning Ticket size: 1000. 1000 NFTs represent 100 Units of 4090 AI Pack, which are guaranteed to participate in the io.net season 3 ignition reward program.

Non-winning tickets will have their RACA refunded after 30 days with the following perks:

- Each ticket can accumulate Green Stones daily (Stones can claim World GPU Platform coins later. Winning tickets get Gold Stones, while non-winning tickets get Green Stones).

- RACA interest reward: The first 20% of tickets will earn twice the interest compared to the last 20% of tickets. The middle 60% will earn 150% of the interest earned by the last 20% of tickets. The interest rate for the last 20% of tickets will be announced once the total number of tickets is determined.

We’re releasing the second batch of 4090 AI Packs for RACA fellers at the end of June, aiming to capitalize on aleo.org’s latest testnet mining opportunities. Expect significantly larger winning ticket sizes this round—no need to worry about unstaking non-winning RACA by then. Additionally, we’re collaborating with hardware financing institutions to roll out several liquidity-boosting programs for RACA. Stay tuned for detailed timings and updates.

Where to claim earnings

4090 AI Pack holders will stake their NFTs on BNBChain. There will be reward pools for staked NFTs.

We plan to manually send mining rewards, such as coins from io.net and aleo.org, into the reward pool and distribute them via a Merkle Distributor, similar to large airdrop events like Uniswap, minimizing gas fees. The smart contract is designed solely for staking and recording, simplifying return calculations.

NFT stakers can click a button on the staking interface to claim their mining rewards. When claiming io.net rewards on Solana, users must link their BNB wallet and Solana wallet to claim io tokens. When claiming rewards on Aleo, users must link their BNB wallet and Aleo wallet to claim Aleo coins.

NFT stakers can choose to claim rewards daily or at intervals.