RACA present the World GPU Protocol

3 min readJun 13, 2024


World GPU Protocol is a dynamic cloud operating system instance on WorldCoin (World Chain), seamlessly interfacing with multiple blockchains.


Researchers at MIT and Stanford

- Engineers with demonstrated entrepreneurial experience

- Stanford


- Google


- Google Cloud

Hyper — Infinite — Parallel

GPU Impossibility Triangle

A wave of decentralized computing platforms has emerged in recent years, including Render, Akash, Bittensorio.net, Grass, etc. However, none of them have successfully tackled the GPU impossibility triangle: decentralization, accessibility at scale, and GPU availability.

Our proprietary GPU Grid Technology tackles this challenge effectively.

Latest Grid Compute Technology

Our grid computing vision transforms individual IDC resources — whether servers, clusters, or GPU cards — into standardized grids. This standardization ensures uniform access and integration anywhere, anytime. With this setup, containers can process external AI demands seamlessly, such as deploying and utilizing massive models like the recently released LAma3 70B. This sophisticated approach balances specialized applications with broad accessibility through a novel architecture we call the GPU Grid Network.

Traditional grid computing, conceptualized a decade ago, has become obsolete. Our grid computing approach, introduced last year, signifies a state-of-the-art advancement. Initiatives like io.net are moving in the right direction, although their current infrastructure, based on Recluse, now only supports containers. We anticipate they will eventually transition to our grid compute technology, which can accommodate containers, Amazon Cloud, virtual machines, and physical machines.

Platforms such as Render, Akash, Bittensorio.net, and Grass may also embrace this new architecture to replace their existing ones, as none of them are too large to pivot to this innovative technology.

Distributed Cloud Operating System

Manages GPU compute power across physical machines (any devices, servers, Ray clusters), virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes (K8S) with bare-metal deployment options.

Offers flexible GPU utilization, allowing for one-button switching between different GPU compute platforms, whether Blockchain or non-Blockchain, and is compatible with various AI frameworks and models.

GPU Providers

World GPU is equipped to handle both Blockchain and non-Blockchain GPU-Compute AI tasks.

Our platform accommodates both non-Blockchain inputs and Blockchain mining pools, offering diverse revenue streams.