Major Update: RACA V2 Launch (Aug 19 UTC/Aug 18 PST) + super rare NFT rewards for our LPs (limited time) + NEW GAME Release — Fun to Play! Also: V2 Manual — How to Swap, Stake, and LP Farm Your $RACA (EASY Step-By-Step Guide)

8 min readAug 17, 2021

Table Of Contents:

  1. RACA V1 to V2
  2. Token Burning, Token Unlocking, Distribution + NEW “Fun to Play” GAME on BSC!!!
  3. RACA V2 Manual (Easy Step By Step Guide To Swap/Stake/Farm)
  • Time-sensitive: LP Farm & Mining — during the first week of the RACA V2 Launch (beginning August 20, 3pm UTC) you will be able to earn our rarest NFTs if you invest in the LP pool. The APR for mining will be the highest during the first week. Make sure to see “RACA V2 LP Farm” section for important details e.g. rewards formula (further down in this article). Important to remember: our past NFTs became and still are the most valuable NFTs in BSC (this is a fact). If you want to take advantage of this offer, mark your calendars and be ready to act fast.

Heads-up: this is not a short article but it will give you valuable insights into all we’ve been working on and have coming up in the pipeline. You don’t want to miss out on any of this.

RACA V1 to V2

Why RACA V2? Version 2 provides better security. Unlike V1, V2 does not take 10% tax per transaction. V2 will not automatically add liquidity. V2 enables cross-chain voting. All of this leads to a much better experience for our RACA community and prepares us for further growth.

500 billion is the total supply of V2 — the same as that of V1.

For one RACA V1, you will get one RACA V2. V1:V2=1:1.

RACA V1 Token Contract Address:


RACA V2 Token Contract Address:


RACA V2 will have RACA/BNB LP Staking. We will create the RACA/BNB liquidity pool on

The audit report for RACA V2:

Token Burning, Unlocking, Distribution + NEW “Fun to Play” mini-GAME on BSC!!!

130 billion tokens were locked in RACA V1. When they get unlocked, we will burn them all. Instead, it is in RACA V2 where we will unlock those 130 billion tokens.

Here is how we will distribute these 130 billion RACA V2 tokens:

  1. 50 billion for our NEW “Fun to Play” GAME on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in September to buy initial baby monsters.

We are launching this mini-game on BSC first so you can start playing right away. It’s a “Fun to Play” game where $RACA plays the role of “AXS” in AXIE Infinity.

This game will also reside inside the USM Metaverse on a single unit of one of MBP’s lands. Note: The USM Metaverse game is being developed by world-class game and blockchain engineers and will arrive later (sooner than you think, stay tuned).

A small preview of the mini-game’s assets is below (let your imagination run wild here).

I wouldn’t wanna mess with this guy…
I know it’s hard but try not to play favorites here.
All the monsters are drawn by our chief artist in USM Verse.

2. 10 billion for marketing and operations. We will use these resources in a measured and strategic way over a long period of time. Think of it as having a vesting schedule of one year with a 2 month-cliff.

3. 20 billion for undisclosed eco partners.

4. 50 billion for the team, investors, and advisors:

  • USM Development team: World-class game and blockchain engineers
  • Smart contract development team
  • Other high-profile creators and core team members for marketing and operation for USM C-corporation
  • Investors and Advisors
  • Note: 10% of the 50 billion will be vested in Jan 2022. The remaining 90% will be vested in the next 36 months, starting from Jan 2022.

USM is a new Delaware C-corporation with founding members from the core team of RACA and the game development team. All investors listed above are not necessarily the investors to the USM Metaverse.

$RACA empowers YOU in The USM Verse — a perfect union: $RACA can farm land, rare resources, and other NFTs in the USM Metaverse. $RACA is the governance token of the USM Metaverse.

RACA V2 Roadmap:

  1. RACA V2 Launch: August 19 UTC / August 18 PST
  2. You can swap your RACA V1 for V2 (1:1) on starting August 19 (after V2 Launch). No deadline so far.

*See the “RACA V2 Swap” section of the step-by-step manual below.

3. LP FARM: V2 liquidity pool and farm for MPB (Maye Musk Mystery Box NFT) will be on, starting August 20, 3 pm (UTC). See more in the “RACA V2 LP Farm” section below.

RACA V2 Manual (Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Swap/Stake/Farm )

RACA V2 functions are located under the “RACA V2” menu on the official website: The menu includes three functions, namely “Swap”, “Staking”, and “LP Farm”.

Connect your wallet

To use the functions of RACA V2 on the official website, you need to connect to a wallet. Currently, “MetaMask” and “WalletConnect” are supported, and more wallets will be supported in the future.

First, click the “Connect Wallet” button:

Then, select the wallet you want to use and confirm that it is using the correct network (BSC — Binance Smart Chain Mainnet).

RACA V2 Swap

Use the “Swap” function from the RACA V2 menu to exchange RACA V1 Token for RACA V2 Token on

Enter the amount to be exchanged (it is recommended to just select “MAX” to exchange all V1 tokens to V2 at once to reduce the gas fee for multiple operations).

Click Approve to authorize. After authorization, click Swap to redeem:

After the wallet’s transaction is confirmed, you can view the transaction records on the blockchain browser BscScan:

Knowledge Tip: The operation of swapping V2 will burn RACA V1 first and then the same amount of RACA V2 will be transferred to the user.

RACA V2 Staking

“Staking” function: Users can stake their RACA V2 tokens for a specified period of time to obtain MPB (Maye Musk Mystery Box) rewards. There is a limited number MPBs.


Knowledge Tip: When staking, you need to hold a little more than the amount you want to stake in order to perform the staking operation.

To stake your RACA — choose the amount you want to stake, click “Approve” to authorize. Then, click “Staking”, confirm the operation, and use the wallet to finalize the transaction;

Confirm Transaction
After the transaction is sent, you can view the transaction record in the blockchain browser BscScan.

The staking record can also be viewed on the staking interface on our website.

What if I want to unstake before the staking expiration date? Simple, you can click “Force Withdraw” to forcibly withdraw RACA, but you forgo MPB rewards by doing that.

How do I collect my reward (when staking expires)? After the staking expires, you can click “Harvest MPB” to receive the very rare MPB NFT and get back all RACA you have staked.

BscScan will keep a record of everything:

When you “Force Withdraw” BscScan will show the record of retrieval.

The transaction records withdrawn at the expiration date will receive both RACA V2 and MPB NFT rewards:

When you withdraw at/after the staking expiration date BscScan will show the transfer of both RACA V2 and MPB NFT reward to you.

RACA V2 LP Farm (Note: Aug 20, 3 pm, UTC— very important date to maximize the LP rewards. Precise REWARDS FORMULA revealed further below.)

Use the “LP Farm” function on when you want to add liquidity to the designated DEX to obtain RACA/BNB LP Token, conduct LP Farm, and receive MPB NFT reward. The number of MPBs is limited (this is a benefit).

LP Farm is divided into three pools based on how long you commit to providing liquidity: Farm for 7 days, 28 days, or 84 days. Based on what duration you choose, the number of RACA/BNB LP Tokens to be used will adjust.

Select the duration of Farm, click Approve to authorize, and then click Farm to start mining.

After submitting the Farm transaction, you can view the transaction in the blockchain browser Bscscan. You can also see the current user’s Farm record on the Farm interface.

Same as the “Staking” function, if a user wants to prematurely retrieve staked RACA/BNB LP Token they can click “Force Withdraw” to forcibly retrieve LP Tokens but forgo the reward of a very rare MBP NFT.


After the LP Farm duration period expires naturally, you can click “Harvest MPB” to receive MPB NFT rewards and get your RACA/BNB LP Tokens back in your wallet.

BscScan will keep a record of everything:

When you “Force Withdraw” BscScan will show the record of retrieval.

The transaction records withdrawn at the expiration date will receive both RACA V2 and MPB NFT rewards:

BscScan records will show the receipt of both RACA V2 and MPB NFT rewards when you claim your rewards after the Farm LP expiration date.

Additional Information:

The open-source code of smart contracts for LP staking and farming:

All of our LP staking and farming smart contracts will be audited by Certik and the report will be provided on August 18.