RadioCaca Profile Snapshot and Milestones as of April 25


Backed by OKX Blockdream Ventures and Consensys Mesh’s Tachyon Accelerator, is a web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider.

In July 2021, Radio Caca released its first web 3.0 product, a collection of PFP (profile picture style NFTs) for Maye Musk (Elon’s mother).

Our popular product lines:

I. Metamon World, a collection of P2E minigames including Metamon Island, launched on BNB /ETH chains in October 2021. Lost World, an end-game minigame, was added in April 2022.

II. A 3D Metaverse, the United States of Mars (USM), was launched in December 2021.

III. A 2D MMO game platform called 2D CASA is planned to launch in June 2022.

Building a sub-Metaverse or gallery in our Metaverses will be like building with LEGO.

We launched the RACA NFT marketplace in September 2021. In less than seven months, the total trading volume on the RACA NFT marketplace was more than 682 billion RACA as of April 6, 2022. That is about $1.3 billion of trading volume based on the RACA price on April 6. Radio Caca earned $142 million in revenue from NFT drops in 2021.

There is also an NFT marketplace inside Metamon Island on BNB/ETH chains. The trading volume during March 2022 was 3 billion RACA, which is about $60 million. A total of 500,000 Metamon game characters have been released, reaching 1.2 billion battles in the past 6 months (by April 6).

We have one of the largest 3D Metaverse on BNB Chain/Ethereum, called the United States of Mars (USM), which was launched in December 2021. Registered wallet users surpassed more than 30,000 within a 30-day period in March 2022.

Radio Caca has more than 616K Twitter followers, 300K Telegram members, and 66K Discord members, as well as over 20 global community hubs in local languages.

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