Radio Caca USM Land Mystery Box Drops on Element

5 min readDec 13, 2021

There might be multiple USM land mystery box releases on Element. The plan is to kick off the first release of land mystery boxes on Dec 20. More details below:

Release One:

Time: 13:00 PM (UTC) or 21:00 (SGT), December 20.

This date is fixed. no matter what, we will release this batch on time

Venue: Element BSC Market
Total: 1,000 Land Mystery Boxes

  • 990 (N) New Harvard State Land
  • 8 (R) New Harvard State Land
  • 1 (SR) New Harvard State Land
  • 1 (SSR) New Harvard State Land
  • Price: 1,888 BUSD

** The price might be changed 2 hours before the release. If no change, then it will be 1888 $BUSD

New Harvard State

Total supply of lands: 33,333

  • [N] 30,000
  • [R] 3,000
  • [SR] 300
  • [SSR] 30
  • [SSSR] 3

1. TBD
2. TBD
3. TBD


The remaining supply will be distributed in future events. not necessarily on Element NFT marketplace.

Element Land NFT Farms

Radio Caca will provide staking incentives for the lands of the Element release:

  • Staking 5 [N] New Harvard State Lands for 1 year gets one [N] Metamon and 1000 USM tokens. Slots: 200
  • Staking 15 [N] New Harvard State Lands for 6 months gets one [N] Metamon and 1000 USM tokens. Slots: 100
  • Staking 100 [N] New Harvard State Lands for 1 year gets one [R] kiss-up dog and 20,000 USM tokens. Slots: 10
  • Staking 10 [R] New Harvard State Lands for 1 year gets one [R] kiss-up dog and 20,000 USM tokens. Slots: 10

Note: the staking contract is intended to not have the “force withdraw” feature . All the staking rewards are claimed at the end of the staking.

USM land supply:

  • Private lands: there will be a total of 1,000,100 lands to be privately owned and traded.
  • Public lands: there will also be a total of 1 million lands to be publicly held and unavailable for private transactions.
  • Parcel: unit of volume in USM. 1 parcel represents the 20 x 20 size of the land lot. The airspace/underground dimension is under development.

1 million Private Lands Distribution:

  • 100 [SSSR] lands or 2,500 parcels (25 parcels ea.).
  • 1,000 [SSR] lands or 8,000 parcels (8 parcels ea.).
  • 10,000 [SR] lands or 40,000 parcels (4 parcels ea.).
  • 100,000 [R] lands or 200,000 parcels (2 parcels ea.).
  • 889,000 [N] lands or 748,800 parcels (1 parcel ea.).

Release Two

Time: 13:00 PM (UTC) or 21:00 (SGT), Jan 2022 (TBD)

Additional Information:

Exclusive MPB Airdrop: We will airdrop 1 MPB to 1 of the 2000 Land NFTs holders of the two releases!

Stay tuned for January 2022 releases.

The 3D Planet Alpha Phase

During the first 3–6 months of the 3D Planet launch, we will launch the Metaverse as a massive real-time social network through viral marketing. The Metaverse will not immediately support blockchain features, which will be added in later phases.

We prioritize growth in favor of narratives; we will not support wallets during the alpha phase.

The learning curve of using self-custodian wallets, safe-guarding the private keys, token volatility, soundness of tokenomics; any of the above alone is enough of shutting down new users. Crypto projects are shackled to onboarding new users.

Everyone, with or without Metamask or tokens, can join the game and have fun. Guest players can join as many events as sign-in players. Just like Zoom, you don’t need to log in to join team events there.

Users will be incentivized to invite new users through his/her unique inviting urls to win the social games. For example, there will be Marathon games, Tug of wars, and Pizza competitions. New users through invitation can empower the original url owner’s ability to win.

During the alpha phase, u-Mars will be the temporary in-game currency as a ledger to track each user’s contribution. Users earn u-Mars by inviting new users through their unique inviting urls. u-Mars is a game currency, like the Roblux in the Roblox game. Users cannot convert u-Mars into dollars or withdraw it.

All those events and competitions will be “l’adoption en masse”. Like the secret sauce of our popular Metamon Island game, our plan is to incentivize players. The traditional game’s revenue model is from advertisement or sales of game items such as skins. In crypto, projects do the opposite; they become popular by making the early adopters rich, and the adopters are also believers who will advocate for the project.

The alpha version of our Metaverse is not a crypto project, not on blockchain while the revenue model in the Metaverse will be a “play-to-earn” model. We will regain the popularity at the same level as we had with Metamon Island.

The marketing and operation toolkits we have now are based on the Metamon game. Those tools will be the secret sauce of our Metaverse. The success of the 3D Planet is ultimately aligned with long-term RACA users.

The RACA community has half a million members across more than 30 countries and areas globally. There are about 30,000–100,000 members who are strong believers. Through viral marketing, they can bring 1 million Metaverse players in several months for us organically.

Many games and platforms pivoted to crypto and GameFi in the chase of easy money; we will do the opposite. We will launch the alpha version not on blockchain at all.

Our goal is to acquire 1 million users at the end of the alpha phase. At the beginning, the product will be rudimentary and UI/UX will need improvements. Introducing tokens and tokenomics do not benefit the product, user experiences, or the token prices when there are very few users.

As the product becomes more developed, the population and economic and social activities will flourish. RACA adoption and price will also be improved in anticipation of the eventual introduction of RACA into the game. We, the organization of Radio Caca, report to RACA and its users. It is only natural that we will do things that benefit RACA in the long term. .

Likewise, the land NFTs will also not be deposited into the Metaverse during the alpha phase. The lands will remain actively traded on NFT markets such as Opensea and RACA’s NFT Marketplace.

Based on the needs of our business development program during the alpha phase, we will build buildings on random lands as if the owners of those lands are getting random airdrops. Currently, the program only includes BMM, MML, KISS, and the New California states. The progress on the lands will stay after the testing phase ends.

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