Radio Caca and USC Partner to Build Metaverse Ceremonies

3 min readJan 11, 2022

News: Radio Caca and the University of Southern California (USC) partner to construct an eco-friendly ceremony system within the USM Metaverse that heals planet Earth.

Radio Caca and USC recently reached an agreement to build a Metaverse ceremony platform that protects the environment by reducing carbon emissions and pollution.

As a first step towards a green future, Radio Caca Metaverse is investing in an eco-friendly Metaverse that reduces transportation emissions. Every year, transportation generates massive carbon emissions and we believe the Metaverse can help reduce miles traveled through our ceremony platform. Imagine a wedding ceremony with 100 guests and they attend on the Metaverse. We can reduce 800 kg of greenhouse gas emissions, assuming 20 miles of a round trip per guest and 400 g of carbon dioxide emissions per mile for a car. Simply, Metaverse ceremonies reduce our carbon footprint and lead to a climate-positive world.

Radio Caca has built a massive Metaverse called the United States of Mars (USM). The USM is a 3D virtual world where users can own land, construct buildings (e.g., shops and art galleries), create and play games. With regards to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), RACA aims to combine blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, and gaming genres to establish a complete Metaverse ecosystem in line with the current evolution of NFT+DeFi.

The ceremony system co-built by Radio Caca and USC will offer scenes for events like wedding ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, recreational activities, and festivals to name a few. We make available NFT tools that include cars, flowers, doves, balloons, and other ceremony items. The Metaverse can satisfy users’ needs in an offline ceremony while protecting the environment by reducing carbon emissions and pollution. Users are able to use these materials to create a virtual space and design their own ceremony in their chosen location, such as Vienna, Bali, or an English castle.

Radio Caca not only designed the ceremony scenes and relevant NFT toolkits but built a diversified, secure, reliable, and free ceremony system within the Metaverse. Proceeds from selling or leasing NFTs will be used to buy carbon offset credits to reduce carbon emissions.

With COVID-19 spreading worldwide, it is essential to reduce gatherings and maintain social distancing. USM Metaverse provides a safe and autonomous virtual ceremony system where users can create scenes, design their own ceremony, invite guests, make friends, and enjoy life.

With infinite potential, RACA Metaverse can significantly contribute to climate-positive world by launching a ceremony system developed in partnership with USC. As the USM Metaverse ecosystem continues to flourish and becomes more abundant in the future, RACA can create more scenes, introduce more eco-friendly initiatives, and continue to make history.

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