Special Surprise from RACA 🚀

We are now launching a Metamon free-to-play program as a reward to aspiring content creators who want to start earning RACA NFTs!

We encourage all KOLs who create quality content to apply!

This program is promoting a 4-day plan, 1-week plan and 1-month plan, depending on the influence of the creator.

👾 How it Works 👩‍💻

If selected for the free-to-play program, the dev team will send a Metamon to each of the selected KOL’s game account. When the free-mode period ends, the dev team will withdraw the Metamon from the KOL’s account.


1️⃣ The dev team 👩‍💻 will never have access to anyone’s wallet!

2️⃣ You may not withdraw the Metamon that the dev team lends you.

🚀 How to Apply 🚀

Send us a video of you introducing the Metamon game. Even if you don’t have a Metamon right now, you can make a video based on Medium articles or YouTube videos that Radio Caca has posted. We just need a simple intro and an example of you introducing it.

🚀 Important 🚀🚀

Make the best video you can. Only the best videos will be selected!

🚀 WHY JOIN? 🚀🚀🚀

If selected for the Metamon free-to-play program for 4 days, and you make an awesome video, we will extend your access period to 12 days.

Within 4 days of playing, you’ll earn one Metamon Egg. Right now, one Metamon egg is worth 30,000 RACA.

TLDR: Send us an awesome vid 🎬, Get Selected 🥇, Earn RACA Rewards 🚀

For more information, please join our RACA Telegram group: https://t.me/RadioCaca


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