Staking 100 billion RACA and Game Update: A Community Call to Arms

10 min readDec 7, 2021

We care about our RACA holders and we hear your concerns. We have deployed resources to promote the Metamon game, expanded our community and have seen huge success.

Our continuing efforts will not be at the expense of the RACA holders but will beneficial to all. Now with a 20x larger RACA ecosystem, we are hereby calling to arms the RACA community to rally!

Radio Caca Community Call to Arms
Radio Caca Community Call to Arms

This is our critical moment to rise to the occassion.
The most important thing is to survive December.
Don’t die before the big bull market.
Don’t die before the sunrise.

If the RACA price can outperform everyone else in December, especially if the overall market is in a downtrend, we will acquire a flood of new users. Out performing the market is the best strategy to acquire new users.

Not all new users will onboard for the in-game rewards because many potential users are simply not game players. We need to expand our market and appeal to a larger user base. We plan to do this by making it worth while for users to buy RACA and lock it up through staking for NFT rewards.

Best Staking Rewards to Fulfill the Mission

MPB Rewards: Stake 100M RACA for 365 days, get one MPB.

Effective by Dec 15. (Tentatively)

  • Limits: 1000
  • Target: lock 100 billion RACA for 365 days.

We aim to make the rewards incredibly appealing to encourage ALL whales to stake their RACA for 365 days.

Normal “New California” land: stake 2 million RACA for 90 days, get one N “New California” land parcel.

  • Limits: 20,000
  • Target: lock 40 billion RACA for 90 days

Note: After 30 days, more staking rewards will be announced. The release of the New California state is tailored for retail investors.

Only about 53% of the above plans needs to be subscribed to achieve our objective. If the staking rewards are fully subscribed, we will lock in another 280 billion RACA for 30 days.

Let’s take a second to review the current distribution of RACA’s 434 billion total supply:

  • Under protocol control: 160 billion
  • Currently staked: 97 billion
  • Liquidity pool: 6 billion
  • Real Circulating supply: 177 billion

We take stake RACA as in the circulation so the circulation number on CMC and CG will be 275 billion.

This is a call to arms, an invitation to undertake a course of action that will benefit and grow the whole community. We would like to invite all RACA holders, whale or shrimp, to join us. We just mathematically proved the feasibility of our plan. Now what is needed is the will to succeed from our community.

Metamon Game Update

As part of the Community Call to Arms initiative, we will add several new in-game features.

Server Maintenance Complete

The game server was under maintenance for patch starting at UTC 1355, December 5. The game came back online on UTC 0600 (SGT 1400) December 8, Wed.

Game Updates:

  1. Diamonds and potions are no longer consumables. Instead, players level up their Metamons by staking and locking diamonds and potions.

2. Diamonds and potions will have more use cases and applications in subsequent Metaverse games and content in the future.

Not available in the Wednesday update.

3. Eggs will not have the 90 days incubation period as one rumor suggested. That’s was a immature draft in our old doc.

There is no distinction between new and old eggs.

4. New December in-game rewards: the current fragment drop rates remain the same. However, (N), (R), (SR), and (SSR) Metamons in the egg drop table are removed.

In order to maintain the meta-universe ecology, the original game rewards for UTC 0600 (SGT 1400), Dec 8 2021 until UTC 0600 (SGT 1400), Jan 7, 2022 is updated as follows:

The new egg drop table contains the following:

  • The 100,000 (N) Lands and 10,000 (R) Lands received from opening eggs have been removed.
  • USM public chain token game rewards have been increased from 5 million to 20 million u-USM*.

20 million u-USM is part of our public chain (new upcoming project).

  • 300,000 virtual concert tickets in Metaverse

Tentatively planned for April 1st, 2022

  • Potions
  • Yellow Diamonds
  • Purple Diamonds
  • 100 MPB (Maye Musk & Koda Mystery Box, Matrix Plus Box).

Time locked for 6 months

The above drop table is live as of UTC 0600 (SGT 1400), Dec 8 2021 until UTC 0600 (SGT 1400), Jan 7, 2022.

The next drop table will be announced by Dec 28.

Interim Scaling Solution to Mitigate Network Congestions

We are exploring the possibility of migrating the Metamon game to a Ethereum L2 network such as Arbitrum as an interim scaling solution before the USM chain main net launch. Details are subject to change.

Radio Caca NFTs and Metamon NFTs will be bridged to Ethereum for trading.

Why support both BSC and Ethereum and Layer 2?

  • Many crypto influencers only play Ethereum games. Many only have ETH and no BNB at all. This limits our channels for exposure.
  • Many land investors on Metaverses are only on Ethereum. They don’t know about BSC or BNB at all.

The Metamon game will be restructured in the process for the following reasons:

  • Only Metamons and Lands will be NFTs in the Metamon game and the Metaverse (both BSC and Ethereum layer 2). Precious and expensive NFTs such as MPBs, Kiss-up Dogs, and other precious materials in the Metaverse will be on both BSC and Ethereum.
  • Potions and diamonds (yellow and purple) will be become centralized in-game assets and not on-chain, and not NFTs. These are the last three months to get potions and diamonds as on-chain assets.

In-game assets are freely tradable in the game and within the Metaverse.

Currently, potions, yellow diamonds, and purple diamonds are still NFTs and can be traded in the in-game market.

u-RACA takes 3 months to withdraw, which involves a major upgrade of the game’s entire structure.

Get Land by Staking Metamon (for Players)

Metamon players can receive Lands by staking Metamons in the game.

Game rewards are “rewards from opening eggs”. Staking rewards are rewards from staking Metamon. Players are eligible to receive both in-game.

Staking in the game will not affect:

  • The number of eggs you can get each day,
  • The rewards you get by opening eggs, or
  • The amount of u-USM you get.

Staking guarantees that you can get land. You don’t need to play by odds to receive one by chance. Instead you can stake Metamon to receive Land.

Get one (N) Land by:

  • Staking 25 (N) Metamon for 3 months
  • Staking 11 (N) Metamon for 6 months
  • Staking 5 (N) Metamon for 12 months

Get one (R) Land by:

  • Staking 500 (N) Metamon for 3 months
  • Staking 230 (N) Metamon for 6 months
  • Staking 100 (N) Metamon for 12 months

Get one MPB by:

  • Staking 1000 (N) Metamon for 1 year

Limited to 10 pieces. First come first served.

Staking Start time will begin after the USM public chain token airdrop ends.

5. Withdrawing Metamon, diamonds, potions and eggs are free.

Note: Your Metamons have to be in the game for 30 days to get the USM airdrops as per the below schedule.

6. In-game marketplace to launch this Friday. Trading is available for all the NFTs. Please be aware that there is no plan to enable uRACA withdrawal.

RACA NFT Marketplace outside of the game will continue to operate normally. RACA NFTs will also be available to trade on The RACA team will dedicate liquidity to initiate market making on

8. Christmas Egg 🎄🥚

Stay tuned for big surprises.

New USM Land Planning

Total Parcels: 1,000,000

  • (SSR): 1000
  • (SR): 10,000
  • (R): 100,000
  • (N): 889,000

This is the first time (R), (SR), (SSR) rarity Lands are available for sale.

The (SSR) lands on the 3D Planet will be in proximity of 10 landmarks (of 100 land parcels) each named after famous avenues of the world.

The 10 landmarks will be public land and will not be for sale.

More details of the (N), (R), (SR), and (SSR) Lands will announced later.

The lands were released before are all (N) Lands. (KISS, MML, BMM)

250 million USM Token Airdrop

Radio Caca will launch the testnet of a new public chain USM to facilitate asset settlement for the USM Metaverse in December 2021. The mainnet is planned to launch on March, 2022.

To make the Community Call to Arms more successful, we decided to distribute the entire 25% allocation to Metamon holders all at once.

Airdrop Rules

To participate in the airdrop, Metamons must be deposited into the game and stay in the game for 30 days.

Metamons have to be in the game before UTC 0600, (SGT 1400) , December 12.

Two snapshot of all the in-game Metamons and their levels will be taken on UTC 0600, (SGT 1400) , December 12 and UTC 0600 (SGT 1400), January 11, based on which the airdrop allocation will be determined.

USM Token Metamon Distribution Table

The airdrop is u-USM in the Metamon game. You can start withdraw u-USM on July 10, 2022. You can only withdraw 1/12 of your u-USM each month.

More details

Become an USM Validator

There will be 21 Validators, of which 12 will be nominated and elected by Metamons and 9 will be reserved for future partners.

During the first 12 months of the USM mainnet launch, Metamon NFTs will be the sole validator electoral votes. The details of the distribution of electoral votes of (N), (R), (SR), (SSR) will be announced in March 2022.

Like other Proof-of-Stake systems, validators and its delegators enjoy the block rewards.

Details will be announced in March 2022.

RACA Burns

We will burn 500 million RACA everyday from December 6 through December 15. Altogether, we will burn 5 billion RACA in December 2021.

Market Making on

The Radio Caca Foundation will commit 6000 ETH to market making the Metaverse lands NFTs on The objective is to grow the adoption of RACA NFTs hence indirectly expand RACA liquidity. Based on our adoption and pricing models, the fair value of (N) Metamon is at 3~6 ETH e.a. and (R) 15–30 ETH e.a.

In the future, we will take a similar approach for MPB.

NFT Marketplace Commission

NFT marketplace will ​start charging a 5% fee in RACA effective December , 2021. Of the 5% fee, 3% is to be burned, and the remaining 2% will go to MPB airdrop. The 2% MPB airdrop will continue for 3 years.

On Jan 5, 2022, the overall fee will go down to 3%.

On June 5, 2022, the overall fee will go down to 2.5%.

On Dec 5, 2022, the fee will go down to 2%.

After 3 years, the community will vote on whether the fee should go down to 1%, which will entirely be airdropped to MPB.

Metamon Game Buff Cancelled

We decided to cancel the previously planned in-game open-egg-reward-odd-buff to MPB, MML, and BMM holding accounts.

The plan was poorly designed and would cause irreversible damage to the overall Metamon economy. The value proposition and bragging right to MPB is solely on the success of the whole Radio Caca ecosystem, which encompasses the Metamon game and the USM Metaverse.

To compensate MPB holders, each MPB will be airdropped with 10 land parcels, 1 gallery, and 1 Yellow Tesla Cybertruck in USM. In addition, MPB holders will get N and R building materials in USM.

Explanation of the Policy Change

Radio Caca and USM are promising because of the real economic growth Metaverse can bring about. Instead of chasing unsustainable high yield, what will drive the growth will be real demand of lands for individuals to have a presence and businesses to conduct commerce, social interactions and bragging rights demanded by human desires. In short, it will offer good experiences that users genuinely will want to pay for.

Through the new policy change, our strategy is clear.

First, we will make RACA outperform major crypto assets to stand out and attract new users despite the weakness of the overall crypto market. Outperformance is the best marketing tool. We believe the current bear market is short term, and bull will be back soon. We must not die before the sunrise.

Second, we must sustain the prime virtual real estate market of the USM. The effort has been made to remove liquidity of a large portion of RACA NFT is an attempt to concentrate liquidity to the remaining land NFTs. A rallying virtual real estate market will help attract more and more celebrities and investors from outside of the crypto spectrum and bring in new money.

Last but not least, we are protecting the interest of every RACA community members. Metamon holders are compensated with USM token airdrop. We will empower our beloved Metamons, and they will thrive in the Metaverse we create.

Alternatively, Metamon can be converted to (N), (R), (SR), and (SSR) USM Lands. Under Metaverses’ magnificent narrative, lands in Decentraland and Sandbox have become extremely valuable, and USM will not be an exception. We have already been in contact with celebrity and seasoned investors to invite them into the USM Metaverse.

We did not take this approach easily. We reached out as many Metamon whales as we could possibly find and explained the situation. We had an agreement that we will work together to overcome the difficulties. We are on the same boat shipping to the same destination. Together, we will build the USM Metaverse into the future.


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