The time has come: RACA community is voting for RACA on Binance Futures

2 min readMar 22, 2024

Exciting news for the RACA community! We are pleased to announce that RACA has been nominated by the community for listing on Binance Futures. We are among the 10 most voted projects for listing and your support is essential for us to grow even further.

As part of the campaign to determine the next token to be listed on Binance Futures, users have the opportunity to predict and allocate USDT to their preferred token. With RACA now in the running, we invite our dedicated community to support us by participating in the prediction process.

Here’s how you can contribute to RACA’s listing journey:


1⃣ Click on the link:

2⃣ Search for “RACA”

3⃣ Vote for $RACA

Once the listing is confirmed, participants who choose RACA as their choice or successfully nominate it will secure multiplied voucher rewards. Winners will receive the value of their initial pick in USDT vouchers, along with additional rewards such as futures bonus vouchers for new traders or discount vouchers for existing futures users, based on the multiplier.

With your active participation and support, we are confident that RACA will be able to secure its place on Binance Futures, opening up new opportunities for our community and strengthening our presence in the cryptocurrency space.

Supported by DWF Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and the Tachyon accelerator by Consensys Mesh, RACA serves as a web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider. Initially launched as a bidding token with the Maye Musk NFT, RACA has evolved into a robust web3.0 gaming ecosystem!

RACA, the USM native token, serves as a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community