USM Beta Test

2 min readDec 8, 2021

We will launch the USM Beta Test‼️


1. Game server stress test: large number of players conduct server stress tests to determine server load requirements. Provide data support for the technical team to implement server framework optimization.

2. Functional test: Play in the Metaverse and record the bugs encounter with.


1. Tentative testing time: 13:00 PM UTC, Dec. 11 to 1:00 AM UTC, Dec. 14

2. Game server stress test: we would like that all players will be online during 13:00 PM UTC to 14:00 PM UTC Dec. 11, and implement stress tests together.

3. Functional test: All players can do functional test during the 4 days testing.

How to start❓

1. Login the game with your wallet address, you can see your land assets and the game entrance.

The game can identify the following land assets in your wallet during the beta test:

MPB, MML Land Deed, BMM Land Deed, KISS Land Deed.

2. You can deposit your land assets on the assets management page.

⚠️ The withdrawal function of your land assets won’t be online during the beta test. So you need to wait for the next public test before you can withdraw your land assets.

3. After you deposit your land assets into the game, you can enter the game and choose to respawn on any parcel of your lands.

4. If you don’t deposit any land, you can enter the game and respawn on a random parcel of land.

5. More features are waiting for your discovery.

How to apply

Please fill out the following form to apply for the USM beta test.

Bug Report

If you encounter any bug during the test, please fill out the following form to report the bug you encountered.