USM ecosystem are available on Magic Square

3 min readMar 12, 2023


RACA (USM.WORLD), a web3 ecosystem initiated by Maye Musk NFT Dog community. Over 3.7 million units of BNB Coins (2 billion USD equivalent) of trading volume was recorded in 9 months from Maye Musk NFT and derivative NFTs, including game characters and virtual lands, is pleased to announce that RACA now are available on Magic Squareio

Magic Square is a discovery and engagement platform for the world of Web3, blockchain, and crypto apps.

The Magic Store is a Web3 App Store where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, creating a more secure and trustworthy app store environment for users. The store allows every crypto and blockchain product to fully monetize and retain users in a more interactive way.

Magic Square is backed by industry titans such as Binance Labs, Republic Captial, Capital, KuCoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, Labs, GSR, DaoMaker, IQ Protocol, and more.

USM is happy to continue to expand its Web3 ecosystem with key projects and platforms building the future of Crypto and blockchain

71 partners

We are building a large collaborative and multichain sector of Defi, with major decentralized finance protocols of the crypto ecosystem. We announced important partnerships with protocols from different ecosystems for the creation of headquarters to host various activities as we believe that the future of the virtual world will be decentralized and multichain, with all projects collaborating with each other, including:

RACA are backed by OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon (parent company of MetaMask), it has one of the biggest web3 communities over 29 fanbase regions, 665k followers on Twitter, 510k on Telegram, and 68k on Discord. USM is also the web3 central for virtual headquarters and social spaces for partners include — BNB Chain, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit, Bitget, LBank, OKC, Dodo, MEXC, BSC News, Element Market, and Miami NFT Week etc.

USM (United States of Mars) is one of the oldest planets in the universe that is iconic to Mars ecology and landscape. It was believed to be forged by the Galaxy Forger — Looki, a celestial creature in existence responsible for the creation of countless stars, constellations, and planets, including Moon and Mars.

RACAfellers, residents of USM.WORLD, have always valued the ideals of innovation, sustainability, honor, and are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage, and the decentralized community of Maye Musk Dog NFT — Matrix Plus Box. It is a planet whose magical power and influence is on the rise, where art, craftsmanship, good cause, and innovation walk hand in hand, from the engines of forward thinking.

Stay Tuned because this is just the beginning of everything, we are still developing.

USM.World, Join us in this new revolution.