USM ecosystem attentive to COP28 debates to unite environmental preservation and blockchain

2 min readNov 30, 2023

COP28, short for Conference of the Parties, is an annual event promoted by the United Nations (UN), gathering representatives from across the globe, including diplomats, governments, and members of civil society, to discuss and organize initiatives regarding the impacts of climate change.

Keeping an eye on environmental issues, the USM ecosystem has been promoting various initiatives within its regional communities. Moreover, for our smart contract, we’ve chosen a Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-based blockchain that reduces carbon emissions by over 99% when compared to PoW blockchains like Bitcoin.

In a PoS system, transaction validation is carried out by validators who “stake” their assets as collateral. This eliminates the need for miners to compete to solve complex problems, as in PoW, minimizing intensive computation and thus reducing energy consumption.

Another advantage is the reduced energy demand and elimination of specialized mining hardware, which decreases the network’s carbon footprint by relying less on non-renewable energy sources to operate the blockchain.

PoS enables greater scalability and resource efficiency, translating to lower infrastructure costs and energy usage to maintain the network, indirectly contributing to emission reduction.

“​COP28 presents an excellent opportunity to rethink and redirect the climate agenda. Together, we will prioritize efforts to accelerate emission reductions through a pragmatic energy transition, revamping land use, and transforming food systems. We’ll strive to mobilize solutions for vulnerable countries, operationalize loss and damage, and make the Conference as inclusive as possible,” stated Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, COP28 President.

We are closely following the developments of COP28, aiming to review each country’s positions and actions while revisiting emission inventories. During this opportunity, countries discuss stabilizing concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) released into the atmosphere. Based on this information, there’s an attempt to evaluate achieved improvements and new measures to be implemented as strategies.

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