USM in August: Welcomes Open Skytop Island and Forges Partnership with BitValue Capital

2 min readSep 11, 2023


The USM ecosystem proudly celebrates a series of remarkable achievements during the month of August, marking a significant leap forward in shaping the future of Web3 technology, the Metaverse, and Africa’s digital landscape.

Open Skytop Island: Navigating New Horizons

One of the standout highlights of August was the release of USM’s groundbreaking update, version 0.9.11 — Open Skytop Island. This majestic island, enveloped by the vast sea, boasts three awe-inspiring structures, including a breathtaking 1,000-story sea-view building. Whether gazing from the building’s panoramic viewing platform or reveling in the waves on the pristine beach, visitors can immerse themselves fully in the embrace of the sea and the soothing music of the waves. This enhancement underscores USM’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences within the Metaverse.

A Pivotal Partnership with BitValue Capital

In a momentous announcement, the USM ecosystem unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with BitValue Capital. This partnership promises to catalyze Africa’s advancement in the realm of Web3 technology, reshaping the digital landscape of the continent with fresh capital and expertise infusion. The collaboration represents a significant stride toward fostering a new era of digital transformation throughout Africa, aligning perfectly with USM’s mission to empower users and drive innovation across borders.

In august, USM takes center stage as it receives recognition in the esteemed research articles of Coin Wire and BSC Daily. These acknowledgments underline USM’s relentless dedication to pioneering the Web3 game and Metaverse landscape. The USM team extends profound gratitude for this recognition, affirming their unwavering commitment to shaping the future of digital experiences.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation further, the USM ecosystem introduces its latest breakthrough: users can now take to the skies of the Metaverse aboard their own spaceship. This immersive addition cements USM’s commitment to enhancing the user experience by seamlessly blending technology with boundless imagination, reinforcing the idea that within USM, possibilities are truly limitless.

In a cryptocurrency sector marked by unpredictability, the USM ecosystem continues to demonstrate unwavering growth and pioneering development. USM, together with its native token $RACA, has recently garnered acclaim from reputable publications such as BSCDaily, Crypto Insights, and numerous other cryptocurrency portals. These accolades testify to USM’s enduring commitment to delivering innovative, boundary-pushing solutions in the digital realm.

USM remains committed to empowering users and exploring uncharted territories in the ever-evolving world of Web3 technology and the Metaverse.