USM Land Mystery Boxes sell out in 3 minutes and 45 seconds on Element 🎉

We celebrate another success together. A warm welcome to new inhabitants.

3 min readDec 22, 2021

The earth is round. Gravity exists. And everyone wants to be a landowner in the USM Metaverse. All of these are common facts now.

Every single time there is an opportunity to possess your own special piece of the USM Metaverse land, the demand is astronomical and the sellouts occur within minutes. We are very excited to welcome more people into the USM. We know that USM Landowners will build, create, and facilitate amazing experiences for all Metaverse inhabitants. Our platform will serve to empower all of this and more.

Let’s now recap the details of another sellout, this time on the Element market.

A total of 1,000 USM Land Mystery Boxes were sold out on the Element BSC Market at 1,888 BUSD, which included 990 (N) New Harvard State Land; 8 (R) New Harvard State Land; 1 (SR) New Harvard State Land; and, 1 (SSR) New Harvard State Land.

The total net amount earned from this sale is: $1,888,000

More details on the release are here:

The United States of Mars (USM) Metaverse.

With a Google Earth-like UX, users will be able to dynamically zoom in and out and travel around the 3D virtual planet, a first-ever feature of the Metaverse (more immersive).

Players can own lands and buildings such as restaurants, retail stores, create and play social games right out of the box.

USM will be a big social platform that will connect players across the globe to share experiences in this 3D world. Not only that, but players will also be able to unleash their creativity within the world to build, create and play without limits. Their imagination is the only limit. There is so much more we will share with you. All in due time.

You can see the USM for yourself right now. The TEST version is live! It is absolutely beautiful, and the user experience is very engaging. Let your imagination run wild. Together, we will build and share amazing experiences. The best thing is that our super development team is focused and puts in a tremendous amount of effort to keep making it better and greater.

We have BIG plans for the Metaverse for ALL of our current and future NFT asset holders and ALL users! We are excited to continue building the future and we thank our ever-growing and most passionate community for continuous support.

Here is how to get the link to the Test version:

As always, we will be announcing more information and details on our socials so stay tuned.

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