USM Land Planning

3 min readDec 16, 2021

USM: The United States of Mars, a 3D planet where the main stage of the Metaverse is set.

USM Land: lands on USM are collectively called USM Land.

Rarity: Lands have different rarity ranging from [N] Normal to [SSSR] Super Super Super Rare.

Parcel: A 3D measurement unit. However, only 2D is available in the early versions. The third dimension Z, meaning the airspace/underground, is under development. A [N] land has a size of 1 parcel, which is the minimum size of lands.

Block: Like in Minecraft, blocks are the basic units of structure in the USM. 1 parcel = 20 x 20 block space (without counting the airspace and underground)

Land Sizes

Each rarity has a different designated size:

  • [N] Normal: 1 parcel or 20 x 20 block space
  • [R] Rare: 2 parcels or 20 x 40 block space
  • [SR] Super Rare: 4 parcels or 40 x 40 block space
  • [SSR] Super Super Rare: 8 parcels or 40 x 80 block space
  • [SSSR] Super Super Super Rare: 25 parcels or 100 x 100 block space
Comparison of land sizes & shapes. *LM: Landmark


A standard minimum state has 10,000 [N], 1,000 [R], 100 [SR], 10 [SSR] and 1 [SSSR], a total of 11,111 lands.

The numbers of lands of standard larger states are always multiplied by 11,111.

USM Land will have a fixed total supply of 1,000,100 private lands that can be privately owned. The rarity composition of USM Land is as follows:

  • [N] 889,000
  • [R] 100,000
  • [SR] 10,000
  • [SSR] 1,000
  • [SSSR] 100

In addition to private lands, there will be public lands that are unavailable for trade or ownership but of public good purposes such as scenic terrains (mountains, oceans, and lakes), public facilities (train stations), and certain landmarks.


Currently, to acquire lands, one can do one of the following:

  • In-game staking: users can stake their Metamons and Metamon Eggs for 90 days to get New Oxford State lands. The total emission will be 37,500 [N] and 1,770 [R].
  • Staking RACA: users can stake RACA at the official website:
  • Mystery box:
  • Public relation gift:


Every state has at least one state landmark. Rarer lands tend to have better proximity to the landmark.


Every land is surrounded by roads by default. Land owners will have the option to consolidate multiple lands into one.

Release Order of States

The release order of states should be in the order of the availability of the land NFTs unless noted otherwise.

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