USM land preliminary scenario planning for MPB

Preliminary Plan for MPB Holders

4 min readNov 5, 2021

MPB#2009, get 10 plots of land: №0–9.

Radio Caca music bands will reside on land #0, where they will perform permanently. There will be virtual idol concerts. We will recruit bands and musicians from around the globe including guitarists, bass musicians, pianists, vocalists, and so on to join us.

Each MPB gets 10 parcels of land. We will airdrop one gallery for each MPB to reside on one Parcel of land or on 10 Parcels of land. A very large gallery would occupy 10 parcels of land. (In the past we mentioned MPB would get Rare Woods. Later, we removed the plan for Rare Wood. Now, we are announcing a better asset: Gallery. One gallery can be built with Rare Wood.)

We will airdrop all materials, tools, and furniture for galleries. We will give other tools and materials too. Note: These are preliminary plans and are subject to change.

Owning a gallery can generate income in the future. Each gallery owner can be thought of as a node for generating revenue in the Metaverse.

This node is not a tech term but an economic model term, which is different from a public chain node.

More preliminary plans:

MPB 2019 holders will be airdropped their very own sushi restaurant.

MPB 2029 holders will be airdropped a pancake café.

The above scenario is just an example. In short, owning these genesis land parcels is similar to owning land in Palo Alto in Silicon Valley in the physical world.

10 stadiums will be airdropped to 200 SR Metamon holders and 149 SR Kiss-up Dog holders.

100 movie theaters will be airdropped to 20,000 R Metamon holders and 10,000 R Kiss-up Dog holders

Again, please note that these are preliminary plans and are subject to change later.

For other land owners, you can apply to build something on your land. The community can hold votes. Voting power will be decided by users with RACA holdings.

More Information about MPB:

1) Date of when marketplace revenue income will be distributed to MPB holders

We will distribute 200 million RACA to MPB as the first time profit share — next Friday, UTC 6 AM.

The secondary NFT marketplace has not started to take fees yet. We have 2.2 billion RACA as income from the proceeds of Metamon first-time retail by the dev. We put the 2.2 billion RACA into a special small treasury. We decided to borrow 200 million RACA from the small treasury to distribute to MPB earlier.

2) Will the team be backdating the revenue income from previous sales income? If yes, then effective from which date? Will it include in the next mystery box income?

No. The team will not backdate the revenue because we don’t have any revenue from the secondary marketplace. We have do not take any fees from the secondary marketplace yet.

We will start to take 5% of the transaction fee when there are no bugs on the NFT secondary marketplace. The date is TBD. We cannot announce a date yet.

The distribution to MPB will not include any sales from the coming mystery boxes sales. No proceeds (sales, revenue) from our first market (drops, primary market, NFT sold by the dev) will be distributed to MPB.

The distribution to MPB is set to 2% of the transaction fee from Radio Caca’s NFT secondary marketplace when we start to take 5% on each transaction on the secondary marketplace.

3) Update on OpenSea listing

The dev team put all the resources to do debugging this week and preparing for the sale of the “ Lands and Metamon” this Sunday.

The dev team will start to do work on the cross-chain for MPB next week. They will have enough time to do debugging on testnet before launching this feature. It will be around November 20-30. Make plans for no earlier than Nov 30.

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