USM Metamon Airdrop Updates

3 min readDec 22, 2021

First Snapshot

First snapshot took place on Dec 12, 2021.

Second Snapshot

The second snapshot will be at UTC 6 a.m. Jan 11 2022.

Airdrop Rules

The Metamon airdrop is determined by both snapshots:

  • To qualify for the airdrop, the same Metamon must be under the same account during both snapshots.
  • The level and rarity during the second snapshot determine the airdrop amount.
  • The airdropped USM tokens will be locked and not available to withdraw from the game until unlocked.
  • Withdrawal of Metamons before unlock will forfeit the Metamon’s remaining locked USM.
The USM mockup screen in the Metamon game


The Metamon user interface will display the total airdrop balance, locked balance, and the next unlock amount and schedule.


Starting on July 10, 2022, the unlocking schedule of the airdropped USM is monthly, on the 10th day at UTC 18:00. The equation of each unlocking occurrence is as follows:

R = S / (12-N)

where R is the amount unlocked, S the remaining amount prior to the occurrence, and N the count of the already happened occurrences, starting at 0.

The unlocked balance will be added to the u-USM balance in the Metamon game, under ‘Game Assets’ — ‘Others’.


The unlocked USM will be immediately available to withdraw from the game¹.

The airdropped USM will not be added as a Metamon stats. There is no plan to modify Metamons’ data structure to accommodate the airdrop.

Land Staking

Metamon Land Staking

Currently, it is impossible to lock Metamon NFTs in the game due to the implementation of the game’s smart contract where the owner is still the player even though the NFTs are deposited, meaning the NFTs can be withdrawn by directly invoking the contract.

In order to implement the locked staking, the game contract needs to be updated, which takes time. The current ETA of the locked land staking is Feb, 2022.

Egg Land Staking

The development work is being wrapped up. Stay tuned for updates.

¹ Withdrawal of non-airdropped u-USM will be available after Mar 14, 2022. This rule also applies to the unlocked airdrop.

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