USM.World Monthly Highlights

Activities from December

RACA (USM.WORLD), a web3 ecosystem initiated by Maye Musk NFT Dog community. Over 3.7 million units of BNB Coins (2 billion USD equivalent) of trading volume was recorded in 9 months from Maye Musk NFT and derivative NFTs, including game characters and virtual lands.

In this month, RACA being featured once again in the BNBChain SpotLigth

We are glad to announce that RACA has officially integrated Kucoin Wallet Chrome Extension

There’s a new date and time for the Huobi Global livestream with Justin Sun, French Montana, Dr Watney and Tracy Fanara, Ph.D

Feb. 8 @ 8pm EST / 5pm PST

RACA 3 and World Cup 2022 events

Since October, when we announced the opening of USM’s football stadium, we have been hosting various sports activities and events at the stadium.

Additionally, together with BNBChain, we announced the Football Fiesta Party World Tour. From USA, Vietnam, Africa (Nigeria), Brazil, Iran, India, Hongkong, to Netherlands. Around The World! Check the Highlights.

Also, in this monthly, to celebrate the first ever African team qualifying World Cup Semifinals, Morocco-American Rapper French Montana airdroped 5 Signed Morocco Digital Jerseys in USM

We also run several events to bring the community together and have fun predicting the scoreline of the World Cup Games. Check

We also held an event with Biswap


In this monthly we announced one partnership with Miami NFT Week

The partnership will allow all the content and updates of the 2023 edition of the biggest NFT event in the world to be inside the USM.

Now, you can travel at USM using one aerospace

Also,In the USM, our 3D virtual world Metaverse we established big partnership with

. Carv

. MetaWear

. TSA Incubator

. Lifeformcc

. SaaSGo


. Altlayer

. KuCoin Wallet

. ReadOn

We added support for 3 new wallets within USM

. TokenPocket

. SafePal

.OKX Wallet

We announced the update 0.9.7 v2. It includes several improvements such as:

1- Looki Utility: 8 additional dance moves for rare Looki
2 — Kiss-up Dog Utility: Smart Home devices

3- Login Option for TokenPocket, SafePal, OKX Wallet

4- Guessing Game Prize Pool is added to display

Also, we announced the update 0.9.8 v1 patch. It includes several improvements such as:

1- New Metamon Features

Support top-up and withdrawal of Metamon

Support Metamon as pet and follow avatar

Support Metamon to place and keep in Lands

2- 5 New Virtual HQs


Open Leverage



Wombat Exchange


1. NFT Utilities Integration

2. The more the merrier of Virtual HQs entry

3. USM Mobile Version

Now our USM community can fly, race and have fun with our flying cars. Lets Fly!!!!

We realized one event with OpenLeverage. Check here


.bab are one of the Top 5 Collection on Element NFT Marketplace


SDK is now available! Our SDK provides a verifiable identifier for communities, brands, and businesses.

Click here to check full documentation

Happy to announce that JAZ DID done one official partnership with Dmail, a decentralized mail service that can be used as a DID for Web3. JazDID users will be able to utilize Dmail as an encrypted mailbox and for secure communication.

And we announced one PearDAO x JAZ DID .bab Domain Campaign. Click here to check


Now, rare Looki can be used at USM. Check here

This monthLooki registered more than 3.778K ETH in trading volume as of Dec 30, 2022.


. PearDAO ​announced that one Special Trading Zone for RACA

Also,PearDAO and RACA, launch one live to discuss about collaboration & roadmap with RACA.

Also, now Metamon Eggs, Green Potions, and in-game Assets can now exchange with four-character .BABs. Please ensure you have enough Earn Points to claim vouchers to register .BAB

More details here

We realized one AMA with Ritestream

Monthly Highlights

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Highlight Web3 Coin in BNBChain

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Highlight #Metaverse Projects in BNBChain

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Highlight Projects That Haven’t Been Listed on Binance

. BSCDaily — our Partnership with Taskonxyz

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Metaverse Projects in BNBChain

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Highlight Metaverse Projects in BNBChain

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Highlight Metaverse Projects in BNBChain

. BSCDaily — Most Traded Highlight Projects in BNBChain

. WhaleStats — Top10 tokens by trading volume among 100 biggest BSC Whales

. WhaleStats — MOST USED smart contract among top 500 BSC whales

. WhaleStats — top 10 purchased tokens among 100 biggest BSC whales

. BNB Swap — our Partnership with CARV

. GenX Analytics — The Most Used DEX, DEFi, NFT Marketplaces

RACA (USM.WORLD) are Backed by OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon (parent company of MetaMask), it has one of the biggest web3 communities over 29 fanbase regions, 665k followers on Twitter, 510k on Telegram, and 68k on Discord. USM is also the web3 central for virtual headquarters and social spaces for partners include — BNB Chain, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit, Bitget, LBank, OKC, Dodo, MEXC, BSC News, Element Market, and Miami NFT Week etc.

USM (United States of Mars) is one of the oldest planets in the universe that is iconic to Mars ecology and landscape. It was believed to be forged by the Galaxy Forger — Looki, a celestial creature in existence responsible for the creation of countless stars, constellations, and planets, including Moon and Mars.

RACAfellers, residents of USM.WORLD, have always valued the ideals of innovation, sustainability, honor, and are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage, and the decentralized community of Maye Musk Dog NFT — Matrix Plus Box. It is a planet whose magical power and influence is on the rise, where art, craftsmanship, good cause, and innovation walk hand in hand, from the engines of forward thinking.

USM.World, Join us in this new revolution.








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