USM.World Monthly Highlights

August was a month of intense achievements and activities for the USM.World ecosystem. Check out:


Live concert featuring A-List Japanese Seiyuu Voice Actresses: Aya Uchida, Anna Suzuki, and Emi Nitta was a hit with 10,000 thousands of fans enjoying the immersive co-experience, the show, and our ecosystem.

In August, we validated that our technology can support more than 1 million avatars connected at the same time and bring back prehistoric dinosaurs! (more details here)

To promote a diverse and inclusive ecosystem within, we are honored to release the first JK avatars of our metaverse.

Additionally, NOAA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, has chosen to develop in the Metaverse.

The University Hall is finally open (more information here).

We will have 31 university societies from all over the world settled here.

Hundreds of avatars have already built their homes in USM and can now relax in the metaverse and even enjoy watching TV

Community organized the USM Metaverse Ultimate Scavenger hunt.

USM.World’s new patch, 0.9.4, takes the Metaverse to a new level of the metaverse

French Family

To celebrate all of our success, our co-founder French Montana, threw a huge party in Las Vegas for USM family.

Our VIPs also experienced a legendary match between Juventus and Real Madrid in Los Angeles, CA. August demonstrated that the metaverse and the physical world is truly one reality.


The successful launch of the Looki Avatar collection made a huge impact on the Metamon ecosystem. Having exclusive access to a Looki’s first mint event required the user to have at least 20 N Metamon with Lv 60 and with more than 400 attributes.

More than 40,000 N Metamons were burned with the success of Looki’s mint event on OpenSea.


The launch of the Looki Avatar NFTs collection was an absolute success.

All 2,000 avatars have been minted out. As of the end of the month, Looki’s total trading volume exceeded 300 ETH and was in the top #50 of OpenSea (more details here)

The success of Looki was also highlighted on Cointelegraph, one of the largest portals in the crypto ecosystem.

Hundreds of users are already using their Looki avatars on social networks and soon many new features are coming.

Looki holders is already enjoying the benefits of the Blue Chip NFT

Second bath are now open to mint


Many partners to building together this new era

. New Partnership with BNBChain

. New Partnership with Trivians

. New Partnership with Pink Ecosystem

. New Partnership with MDEX

. New Partnership with Venus Protocol

The success of our community-built ecosystem was recognized by top crypto news

. The Next Internet Evolution You Should Care

. Top 10 purchased tokens among 100 biggest BSC whales

. TOP 10 Play To Earn Projects by Social Signal

. Top 5 Metaverse Projects on BNBChain by Twitter Community Size

. Most Traded Highlight Projects in BNBChain

. Highlights in Cointelegraph

. Highlights in BSCDaily

. Most Held #Metaverse Tokens on BNBChain

. Highlights in NullTx, CryptoMode and TheVRSoldier

. Top NFT collections in BNBChain, By BSCNcews

Top Metaverse project on BNBChain by community, according to Beng Beng Gaming

Top Metaverse Projects according to PlayToEarnDaily

Most Traded Projects that haven´t been listed on Binance, by BSCDaily

Metaverse project that are changing the future, by BSCDaily

One of the most popular projects on BNBChain, By CriptoLove

The success of our community-built ecosystem was celebrated this week by the official BNBChain Twitter profile

Our marketplace was, every day, among the top #3 on DappRadar and sometimes ranked first among all NFT marketplaces built on BNBChain

All this development has boosted the native token of our ecosystem and several times $RACA was the most traded token on BNBChain, according to BSCDaily, Beng Beng Gaming, Coingeecko, e others.

Our ecosystem was featured among the TOP #Metaverse Projects by Virtual Worlds Collection, among all blockchains

BSCDaily elected our ecosystem as Highlight Verified Projects in CoinMarketCap Community

PlayToEarnDaily has placed our ecosystem among the Top 10 Metaverse Tokens with Highest Holders

We also announced a major sponsorship for Kripto Fest 2022 to bring the entire development of (native token: $RACA) to the Middle East from Turkey.

. Beng Beng Gaming: top most #metaverse token on the @BNBCHAIN with the highest number of holders.

. Beng Beng Gaming: Top cryptocurrency in Turkey

. Beng Beng Gaming: Most Active Metaverse Project In The #BNBCHAIN Ecosystem.

. BSCDaily: Most Held #Metaverse Token in #BNBCHAIN Ecosystem

. BSCDaily: Most Traded Tokens That Haven’t Been Listed on #Binance

. BSCDaily: Top Projects with Highest Number of Users

. BSCDaily: Top 10 Traded Tokens in 100 #BNBCHAIN Whales

. WhaleStats: Top 10 purchased tokens by 500 biggest #BSC whales

. BSCNews: top #NFT collections

. BSCNews: top most #metaverse token on the @BNBCHAIN with the highest number of holders.

. Capital: NFT Marketplace is the TOP1 on @BNBCHAIN

. Capital: TOP #Metaverse Projects by Virtual Worlds Collection

.PlayToEarnDaily: Top 10 Metaverse Tokens with Highest Holders

And the future holds even more news, Stay Tuned

USM.World, Join us in this new revolution



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