USM.World Monthly Highlights: Several activities and achievements show the potential of the USM.World ecosystem in building Web3

4 min readMar 3, 2023

Are you ready to join the revolution? This month has been full of exciting developments, and we can’t wait to share them with you! From new partnerships to innovative products, the ecosystem is growing at an incredible pace.

February has been a month full of excitement and progress for We’ve been making huge strides in the Web3 and metaverse space, and we can’t wait to share all of our latest developments with you.

One of the highlights of the month was the spectacular panel on Web3, metaverse, and the future of society hosted by JAZ DID. The panel featured JAZ DID founders Dr. Watney and French Montana, as well as Tron founder Justin Sun, and was mediated by Dr. Tracy Fanara. It was an insightful discussion that explored the potential of the metaverse and Web3 to transform society, and we were thrilled to have such incredible leaders and innovators as part of it.

We’ve also announced some exciting new partnerships with companies like Arc Finance, Starrynift, REI Network, Navis Token, and iZUMi Finance. These partnerships are helping us to expand our reach and develop new products and services that meet the needs of our growing community.

Our dear co-founder French Montana left an important message during the month, expressing his excitement about the future and the potential for to make an impact in the fashion world. It was a pleasure to have him with us, and we’re excited about the possibilities ahead.

In addition, our activities in the USM ecosystem were featured in various publications, including NULLTX, Coinmarketcap, BSCDaily, Crypto Insights, BNB Swap, and Smart BSC News. We also hosted a special giveaway with Trantor DAO, and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with them.

Two big announcements this month were the event we hosted with BNB Chain, which was a huge success, and the upcoming launch of RACA Futures on MEXC. We’re excited about the possibilities these developments represent for our project and the entire Web3 and metaverse community.

At, we’re committed to driving innovation and creating a brighter future for all. With our range of products and initiatives, we’re leading the way in the Web3 and metaverse spaces. So join us on this exciting journey, and let’s build a better world together!

In, we highlighted the release of our new website, which makes it easier than ever to check the total number of locked JAZ tokens and their release periods. We also celebrated the Looki collection’s new record, with over 3,901 Ethereum in volume of transactions on OpenSea. Plus, the RACA token achieved two significant listings on Guardarian and ChangeHero, demonstrating the project’s growth and ability to forge important partnerships.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there! We do one special Giveway with Trantor DAO and we also celebrated a great partnership between JAZDID and NiftyIN in order to explore the full potential of WEB3 and the entire digital development environment “Let’s keep exploring Web3 together”, and now in another great development for our community, JazDID’s DAPP has been successfully integrated into the KuCoin Wallet platform, making it readily available for usage.

But that’s not all! Our team participated in many exciting Twitter Spaces event with the Quoll Finance team and Stader, discussing the latest trends and insights in the world of DeFi. Also Yahoo Finance, one of the most big news site of the world highlighted our roadmap

At, we are committed to driving innovation and creating a brighter future for all. With our range of products and initiatives, we are leading the way in the Web3 and metaverse spaces. So, join us on this exciting journey, and let’s build a better world together!

USM.World, Join us in this new revolution.

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RACA (USM.WORLD), a web3 ecosystem initiated by Maye Musk NFT Dog community. Over 3.7 million units of BNB Coins (2 billion USD equivalent) of trading volume was recorded in 9 months from Maye Musk NFT and derivative NFTs, including game characters and virtual lands.

RACA are backed by OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon (parent company of MetaMask), it has one of the biggest web3 communities over 29 fanbase regions, 665k followers on Twitter, 510k on Telegram, and 68k on Discord. USM is also the web3 central for virtual headquarters and social spaces for partners include — BNB Chain, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit, Bitget, LBank, OKC, Dodo, MEXC, BSC News, Element Market, and Miami NFT Week etc.

USM (United States of Mars) is one of the oldest planets in the universe that is iconic to Mars ecology and landscape. It was believed to be forged by the Galaxy Forger — Looki, a celestial creature in existence responsible for the creation of countless stars, constellations, and planets, including Moon and Mars.

RACAfellers, residents of USM.WORLD, have always valued the ideals of innovation, sustainability, honor, and are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage, and the decentralized community of Maye Musk Dog NFT — Matrix Plus Box. It is a planet whose magical power and influence is on the rise, where art, craftsmanship, good cause, and innovation walk hand in hand, from the engines of forward thinking.