($RACA) announces partnership with Venus Protocol: Let’s build together (native token: $RACA) is honored to announce its partnership with the Venus Protocol, a decentralized finance (DeFi) algorithmic money market protocol on the BNB Chain.

Venus Protocol is a fast, low-cost, decentralized lending platform on the BNB Chain. Venus is a money market protocol that enables lenders to generate yield on their tokens and borrowers to take out loans using $XVS and a variety of other currencies as collateral.

Venus Protocol ($XVS) is the first to give consumers access to real-time lending markets for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), and others. Venus Protocol is one of the top DeFi projects on BNBChain and has a great reputation throughout the community.

The partnership will place $RACA among the main protocols for decentralized lending. Venus Protocol community will be featured in our 3D metaverse United States of Mars (USM).

Venus Protocol team intends to unroll several initiatives within the DeFi sector giving $RACA additional long-term benefits.

“Partnering with the Venus Protocol reflects our growth and community-oriented development. Together we will build a new experience in the metaverse that will benefit the entire cryptocurrency community, with solutions for DeFi, among much other news. Let’s build together new possibilities for tomorrow,” said Jeff Watney, USM.World visionary.

In USM, everyday thousands are exploring our metaverse by building houses, swimming, running, visiting exhibitions & research centers, or simply relaxing. To be part of the USM family is to experience the metaverse to its fullest potential. So, enough boredom, let’s have fun With USM.World.

. We are the first Metaverse to host a live-action concert with over 9000 views. The Concert brought together 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses: Aya Uchida, Anna Suzuki, and Emi Nitta

. We are the first Metaverse with an established University Hall for scientific research on the interaction between the physical and virtual world and other topics related to the metaverse and the development of society.

. We hosted many sports competitions like Swimming, Motorcycle race, Mountain Climbing, Running, dancing, and many others.

. We are the first metaverse in partnership with more than 30 universities and societies.

. We are the first metaverse to close a partnership with the largest public university in Latin America and one of the most respected universities in the world, USP in São Paulo, Brazil.

. Our technology resistance can support 1 million users online at the same time and will reach 1 billion users in the future.

. We are the only metaverse that has partnered with 5 Olympic medalists from different parts of the world and from different sports: Sébastien Buemi, Johannes Ludwig, Walter Wallberg, Francesco Friedrich, and Kaylin Whitney.

. We also partner with NOAA scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara

Nothing’s perfect, the world’s not perfect. But it’s there for us, trying the best we can. That’s what makes USM so damn beautiful. We continue to upgrade the graphics and visual quality for our lovely 4k screens. See you at the next patch! If you think you can, you can!

USM.World, Join us in this new revolution.



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