($RACA) July Highlights

3 min readAug 1, 2022




  • M-TP announced the launch of his partnership with USM.
  • University of São Paulo (USP), the largest public university in Latin America, will build on the first-ever released SSR land in the USM (more details here)


  • Announced the Live Seiyuu Concert with Aya Uchida, Anna Suzuki, and Emi Nitta on August 5th at 12:00 UTC (more information here).
  • Live Concert Beta at the USM Bowl (coordinates: “4650, 4350”) with the singers, Mr. Kiarash and JP Bacallan on July 18th, 2022 (more information here).
  • Inaugural swimming competition in the lake at’s Lassen Volcano (more details here)
  • First metaverse motorcycle race hosted in
  • Mountain Climbing Competition in Volcano lassen.

Users & Gameplay

  • 7000 new users in July growing to a total of 114.571 users on
  • 47.893 thousand integrated wallets and 66.678thousand users browsing as a guest.
  • Major updates: Profile Updating, URP Asset replacement to upgrade graphic quality, Motion sync optimization for smoother movements

Metamon Island

  • 648.894 registered users on Metamon
  • Self-created squad now have the option to set team stimulant requirements. (more details here)
  • The total trading volume of Metamon Egg on all NFT marketplaces is 241B $RACA ($1.2B USD equivalent by daily $RACA closing value) with a total of 3.1M transactions as of July 31, 2022.
  • The trading volume of the NFT marketplace inside Metamon Island was 65B $RACA, ($89M USD equivalent by daily $RACA closing value) with a total of 6.6M transactions as of July 31, 2022.
  • A total of 510,139 Metamon game characters have been released and have battled 1.6 billion times in Metamon Island. A total of 35,738 players hold and battle their Metamon.
  • A total of 263 teams have battled about 3,097 rounds for the monthly leaderboard in Lost World.
  • Metamon continues its position as one of the most popular GameFi games, according to data from DaapRadar.


Major Publications

  • Coinmarketcap ranking highlights $RACA among the TOP 15 largest tokens on the market in the gaming and metaverse sector.
  • Coinmarketcap ranking highlights $RACA among the TOP 10 largest tokens on the market in the play-to-earn gaming sector.
  • highlighted as one of the main metaverse projects to integrate the exchange’s portfolio
  • BNB Master Portal featured $RACA as one of the top traded metaverse projects.
  • BSC Daily placed $RACA among the Top #10 metaverse projects
  • Voted TOP #1 among all metaverse cryptocurrencies by The Merkle Hash.
  • Featured on BSC News as the most promising metaverse tokens in many platforms specializing in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Crypto Insights elected $RACA as one of the outstanding cryptocurrencies.
  • Featured in All Things NFTs
  • Featured in Tyrano Analytics

Listings & Engagement

  • Listed on Biconomy Global and hosted AMA with our team
  • Listing Celebration: 1,000,000 $RACA Airdrop
  • @O3_Labs hosted an AMA with our team to showcase all growth and development in our ecosystem.
  • O3 Interchange launched a $RACA staking pool with huge rewards for our token holders.
  • RadioCaca communities have more than 20 different languages, 632K Twitter followers, 413,125 Telegram members, and 106,321 Discord members.
  • u-RACA withdrawal function has now been reopened. The total daily limit for the game remains at 100 million u-RACA. Each account can withdraw up to 500,000 u-RACA with a 1 transaction limit per day. Users who want to withdraw more than 4 million u-RACA can continue to apply for OTC withdrawal.”

Be part of our community and grow with us! After all, seeing our community dancing, enjoying, playing, and having fun in this new revolution of the Web 3 is the most important for us here (Native Token: $RACA). — join us in this new revolution.