Weekly Updates-RACA V2-Metaverse-Aug 9

2 min readAug 9, 2021


V2 Concerns and Timeline

The RACA V2 will have 130 billion unlocked.

Among the 130 billion, 10 billion will be for BMM to farm/mine. 10 billion will be for marketing and operation (pay salaries, vendors, ads). 40 billion will be for reserve. You can think the 20 billion will be slowly released in 12 months and 40 billion is locked with no plan yet.

70 billion are for ecological partners, teams, investors, and consultants. only 10% will be vested to them in January 2022, and the remaining 90% will be vested linearly in the next 36 months, starting from Jan 2022.

In short, all efforts are for the value of RACA and mother box.

9990 $BMM NFT card to farm 10 billion $RACA will be on August 25–30.

Farm/Mine Strategy

We understand that many of you hope to sell RACA at high ASAP. Most hope that RACA will be up a lot in September. We will only provide options for RACA/BNB LP tokens to stake for one week or one months to mine MPB.

600 MPB will be for RACA/BNB $LP token to farm/mine.

Metaverse Strategy and Timeline

RACA is the only eco partner for USM Metaverse. The USM Metaverse will never issue any token currencies — not to be confused with NFT, as NFT itself is not currency. USM Metaverse is a non-token project.

The NFT assets in the Metaverse will be minted and listed on various DEXs and CEXs in August by Radio Caca.

The Metaverse preview version will be live in September. one mini-game will be online officially.

The NFTs are the vehicle for the Metaverse to get seed users.

A fully functional Metaverse will be on around March 2022 — one or two months, sooner or later.

These are our goals, meaning our plans are not set in stone. We are willing to pivot when necessary. No matter what, we will develop an excellent Metaverse using everything we’ve got.