What’s new (and awesome) about the RACA NFT Marketplace?

All other NFT Marketplaces, except OpenSea.io, are manually customized to support each NFT smart contract. Only OpenSea’s development platform can be queried for any NFT.

The RACA NFT marketplace adopted the same technological solution as OpenSea. It cost us about 200 engineering hours to develop this feature. And now, we have successfully completed and delivered this functionality.

All of the NFTs on BSC will be shown when you connect your BSC wallet with RACA NFT Marketplace. It does not matter if you bought your NFT from bakeryswap.org, treasureland.market, pancakeswap.finance, binance.com, Dodo, etc. — our NFT Marketplace will show all of your BSC NFTs.

All of the necessary data is in the progress of being synchronized now, and the synchronization is not complete (yet). We have captured data of 6324 NFT smart contracts on the BSC chain so far.

We will allow users to query all NFTs by submitting the query requests. The new version of the RACA NFT market will start to support this feature on October 3–6,2021.

Fun fact: BscScan.com does not support ERC-1155 viewing. However, RACA NFT Marketplace is the only platform that does support 1115 viewing.
RACA NFT marketplace will also be
the only ERC-1155 DEX to support secondary market feature on BSC and ETH — by Oct 29, 2021.

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